Child Portrait Photography

Sneak Peek for the Spring kids

I decided, since we were supposed to meet for their BIG REVEAL last month, that I wasn’t going to post a Sneak Peek. It all happened so quickly and I couldn’t wait to show mom how the beautiful portraits turned out - in person!

But then, life happened, and Mara had to reschedule our reveal appointment. We still have a week until mom will see their images but I just can’t make her wait that long!

As a mom, I totally get it. It’s hard - not knowing if anything good will come the from your family’s session. You can’t see what I, the photographer, sees through the eye-hole of the camera, into the lens and out into the frame of the shot. Rest assured, Mara. Your kids are STUNNING.

See for yourself…

Children’s Photographer Tip

Do you have an upcoming session for your kids? There are a few things to remember when you tote your kids to the studio or the park for the big day…

1. YOUR KIDS WILL LISTEN TO ME. Your kids will listen to me more than they will to you. Why? I’m not their mom. That’s just kid nature. It happens with my own kiddos. If you ask any preschool teacher, dance instructor or babysitter, it’s the same story. Mom walks into the room and everything changes.

2. I HAVE SOME GOOD OL’ TRICKS UP MY SLEEVE. I’m no magician, but I do have lots of experience photographing kids. As your photographer, my primary goal is - yes, to make YOU happy - but at that moment, I want the attention of your kids so that I can show the world just. how. adorable. they. are. I’m constantly brushing up on my skills by attending workshops and conferences and reading books and articles… all so I can succeed at Getting Any Kid to Be Adorable in Photos.

3. Which leads me to this one. LET IT BE. John Lennon (or is it Jack Malik?!) couldn’t be more right. I want you to sit back and relax. I want you to read a magazine. I want you to check in on Facebook and tell the world how cute your kids’ photos will be because - oh, look at them! And this amazing photographer has them in the palm of her hands. (too much?)

Let them be. I’ll do my job and they’ll be kids. And I promise you some breathtaking images with your precious little sweethearts looking their best.

Quick before they grow up! Let’s get your kiddos’ session on the calendar before summer is over. My weekends are filling up fast, so let me know if you’re interested in scheduling a session.

Sneak Peek for the Stein kids

Let me tell you a secret. You never know what conditions you might run into with an outdoor portrait session…

The weather could be utterly humid.

The balloons could all pop before we could use them.


The kids? They were perfection.

John and Julia were fun and flexible during their outdoor session, balloons and humidity be darned.

Here’s a Sneak Peek:

MKE family photographer.jpg

Summer is halfway over! Are you looking to schedule a family session this season? My weekends openings are filling fast. Let’s get your session on the calendar TODAY!

Rauch Family Sneak Peek | a day at the beach

The annual day of Photos with Jenna and Her Adorable Family finally arrived! It’s always so fun to see them and do a round of speed-catch-up, chase the GROWING kiddos around and capture some family moments. (And with a toddler, it really is a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it moment!)

We met up at a beautiful park that was attached to a beach… that definitely will be seeing me and my camera again. The perfect weather that we had requested arrived as ordered. The breeze was blowing, the sun was shining, the kids were happy. It couldn’t have been any more idyllic if we tried.

Thanks Jenna and Dan! We had a wonderful morning together and I’m sure you will love the rest of your photos.

For now, here’s your Sneak Peek…. can’t you just feel that hug coming?


What kind of location fits your story? Are you beach people? Is a garden more your speed? Or maybe you prefer funky, urban surroundings? All my portrait sessions are custom built around YOU. Let’s talk about what sparks you up and we can create some beautiful family heirlooms to show it all off.

Wauwatosa West HS class of 2019 | Olivia Keenan (cue all the tears)

Honestly? This is a story I’ve been dreading to share.

No, nothing bad has happened. Actually, quite the opposite. I have been TRULY BLESSED to know the subject of this blog post. I just get a little choked up to think that THIS DAY has come.

Seven years ago when I started Stories Framed Photography, a wonderful (and that’s a real understatement!) mom at the school our kids attended took a chance on me. Tanya kindly invited me to her home to photograph her three beautiful girls.

three beautiful girls in the summer

Meet Janessa, Olivia and Melina. Olivia, in the middle, was ELEVEN when I photographed her for the first time. And now…. well, hang on, not yet.

August 2012.

I returned the following summer for a quick family session. Tanya is a strong supporter of sending out Christmas cards with the kids’ cute faces smiling back at the recipient. (I always thought Tanya was a smart, smart woman!)

mom and 3 young daughters outside

August 2013.

Rinse and repeat. Summer family photos, winter family Christmas cards… I’m truly honored to have gotten to know Olivia and her sisters through the years.

three girls hugging

July 2014.

girl in front of glittery background

November 2015.

girl wearing maroon shirt

November 2016.

three sisters together like a vogue cover

November 2017.

ugly christmas sweaters on 3 sisters

November 2018.

{Is something in your eye? Something is definitely in my eye…}

And that brings me to current day. This sweet girl - this YOUNG WOMAN - is graduating from high school in a few days. Olivia has gone and grown up on us, right before our eyes.

She has grown into a strong and independent person. She’s smart and well mannered (good job, Mama!). She loves nature. She loves animals and people and most of all, she is just so… KIND. Olivia is the kind of person you want to be around.


In case you didn’t notice, yes, she’s stunning. We chose to keep the settings clean, simple and natural for her senior portraits. She doesn’t NEED all the… stuff. Give the girl a tree and some flowers and we can call it a day.

World, meet Olivia. This is not the last you’ll hear from this gorgeous girl.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go wipe my eyes.


Side note: the studio shots (above) were taken right after Olivia left work at the zoo, dirty and sweaty. She changed clothes, cleaned up and VIOLA! Instant gorgeous!

Tosa West High School

English, I love writing

scholastic writing awards


soccer, National honor society, BSU

Milwaukee County Zoo

hangout with friends, write, read





University of Virginia


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Muskego HS class of 2019 | Lauren Flater

Meet Lauren! This stunning and sweet girl graduates from Muskego High School! Her senior session took place in the Third Ward during a day just as lovely as Lauren herself.

One of my favorite shots from the session is her standing on Water Street. Don’t worry, we were completely safe and all pedestrian laws were followed…


Fun fact: I photographed her two older brothers’ senior photos!


Lauren is a talented dancer! I loved capturing her En Pointe Ballet during the session in a gorgeous dance costume.


Congrats, Lauren! You are a kind and lovely young lady and will go on to do amazing things!

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