Oconomowoc HS Class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Lauren

I feel like I need a microphone to make this introduction…

Ladies and gents, allow me to welcome to the floor…

a beautiful senior from Oconomowoc High School…

graduating in 2020…

the lovely and effervescent…

Miss Lauren DeJong!

{insert crazy echoes and a little bit of random mic feedback}


Have you been keeping track of all the athletes, dancers and musicians I’ve welcomed into the Stories Framed Photography Class of 2020? Let’s see what we have here…

  1. Dancers

  2. Cheerleaders

  3. Musicians

  4. Actors

  5. Golfers

  6. Runners

  7. Football players

  8. Soccer players (the other football)

  9. Baseball players

  10. Basketball players

So… what do YOU do? What’s YOUR story? I would love to photograph you in your element and create a senior portrait experience that you’ll never forget. Let’s talk and see what we can dream up!