Oh, the places you'll go. | Milwaukee Family Session (and beyond)

The Short Family is the epitome of perfectly planned... and as relaxed and laid back as can be.

Short Family | Stories Framed Photography | Milwaukee portrait session

Mom Marlo  called me to set up their family session. Mind you, they were LITERALLY in the middle of a state-to-state job relocation. They had moved out of their home, into a temporary residence, waiting until the end of the month to move into another temporary house in another state until their house was done being built.

Take a breath, that was a lot.

Yet this Wonder Woman managed to pull off a beautifully coordinated set of outfits and - bonus for me - she had pre-scouted her own locations for the session!

I'm so impressed it hurts.

Twin sisters | high school | Milwaukee portraits

These sisters, believe it or not, are twins. I love it when twins don't look like twins. It's like they are saying, "See, you think we are the same but we are SO NOT the same."

Here are some more shots from their session... 

I really enjoyed working with this sweet family. They were so kind and fun. Maybe I can convince them to fly back to Milwaukee every time they need portraits made? Or, better yet, I would be perfectly happy to travel to them! Marlo, what do you think? ;)

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