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raise your hand if you love cake | happy birthday Sebastian!


A charming, energetic little smiler.

Who likes cake.


This little boy came to me - well, he snagged a ride from his parents - for his one year portraits. We had quite the time… playing with blocks, pretending to sweep, climbing stairs, sitting on chairs and stools. And then… the big finale. The Cake Smash.

Sebastian is not shy around cake. He dove right in. And loved every second of it. (Ok, so did we!)

Afterwards mom and dad literally peeled his clothes off and put him into pajamas for a great, post-sugar-rush sleep.

Happy birthday, little one!

Sneak Peek | Milwaukee couple + their BFF

Have you ever wondered what a "Power Couple" would actually look like? Well, here's your answer! 

Meet Dan and Amanda. They are quite the pair, each entrepreneurs in their own right. In fact, I would even go as far as calling them Mr. and Mrs. Milwaukee. EVERYONE seems to know them. What? You don't??? Turn to the person next to you. Do they know Dan and Amanda. See? I told you. 

Dan is THE Tall Guy of Tall Guy and a Grill and Amanda runs The Simple Home. I was completely honored when they asked me to photograph them. 

Today I'm sharing one (adorable!) shot as a little Sneak Peek into their session.

Enjoy Sneak Peek, guys! And make sure you tell Murphy that the lady with all the treats says hi. :)


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Muskego Kids | Spring Family Sneak Peek

If you're following my goings-on via Facebook and Instagram, you know I've been busy... you know, signing things. (wink wink) 

But that's not the only thing keeping me busy. These kiddos had their birthday photos taken and we had SO MUCH FUN. I mean, sometimes we have fun. This time, WE HAD FUN.

We played hide and seek. We rolled in a blanket like a burrito. We pretended to take naps. We ran. We skipped. We stood like statues. We laughed. And yes, we cried. (An hour with three energetic siblings wouldn't be complete without a sniffle here and there.)

There were SO MANY shots I could have shared as a Sneak Peek for Mom. This one seemed seasonally appropriate. Enjoy!


Happy 4th of July! 

I'm thankful to live in a country where these three can express themselves and just be kids. It's a beautiful thing.

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Mother's Day is coming... 

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Wauwatosa Family Photography | I'm so lucky 🍀

I've been thinking lately. 

I'm very lucky to have a "job" that I absolutely love and adore. I get to photograph people. I get to show them how beautiful they are and how fleeting life is. Kids grow up so fast, we say hello and goodbye to loved ones... and don't you just wish you could freeze time? It all goes by too darn fast.

Wauwatosa Family Photography | live without regrets post 1

And THAT. That right there is where sometimes I get hung up with this job I love so much.

Wauwatosa Family Photography | live without regrets post 6

We all know that babies become toddlers and mothers become grandmothers and families grow and bloom and then... sometimes the planet has different plans for us.

Wauwatosa Family Photography | live without regrets post 2

So here it is... my plea to you. Don't make excuses. Don't put it off. Yes, we are all "busy". Yes, we all want to lose those "few" extra pounds. Stop. 


Wauwatosa Family Photography | live without regrets post 3

I can tell you that you will never regret taking the ONE hour on a Saturday to have your favorite photographer (cough cough) photograph you and your family. You will have those memories for a lifetime: hanging on a wall, sitting on a coffee table, resting on a bookshelf. You will see those images and be comforted and reminded of how blessed you are. 

Wauwatosa Family Photography | live without regrets post 6

However... what would happen if you hesitated? What would happen if you waited until... "someday". What would you hang on your wall? What album would you look through on a rainy day? Would you regret putting off your family photos another year? YES. You absolutely will. 

Wauwatosa Family Photography | live without regrets post 4

So here's what I want you to do. It's so easy. Fill out the form below. That's it... one tiny step closer to living with no regrets. 

Fill out that form. I'll call you. I'll email you. I'll do the hard stuff. You can sit back and enjoy the process --  I'll even help you decide on clothes! Heck, if it helps, I'll even throw in some BonBons. (Only if you promise to scooch over and share with me!)

Wauwatosa Family Photography | live without regrets post 5

My job, the one I am SO VERY LUCKY to have, is to make family portraits easy and painless (and fun! thankyouverymuch). And to help YOU to live without regrets.

Cheers, my friend!

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