Stories Framed Photography Presents Griffin | Tosa East Class of 2015 | Seniors

When I say "senior pictures", I'll bet the first thing you picture is a cute high school senior... GIRL. Am I right? Well, there is another half to the class... and they are the cute high school senior GUYS. And they want their pictures taken, too. 

Here is one of my awesome Class of 2015 guys right here -- allow me to introduce you to Griffin. Griffin, here's everyone. ("Hiiii Griffin!")

Stories Framed Photography | seniors | Tosa East Class of 2015 | rocky wall

To be completely honest (and he'd be the first to admit it), Griffin wasn't super-excited about the photoshoot - at least not in the same way that his mom and the photographer were, wink wink. But can you blame him? Being the center of attention can be tough work. Irregardless, he did a GREAT job and we laughed and had fun. No tears or blood were shed in the process. Hoorah!

Stories Framed Photography | guy senior portraits | Milwaukee | Tosa East Class of 2015

I have found a trick in photographing people who are not 100% eager/enthusiastic/comfortable with being the subjects of my camera. It's so simple that I even use it myself for the odd chance when I'm in front of the lens (because, believe it or not, I hate having my photo taken).

Ready? You'll wish you'd had a V8.

Before I tell you, here's one more of shot of Griffin. 

Stories Framed Photography | seniors | Tosa East Class of 2015 |  sitting against wall

Okay, now do you want to know the secret behind looking comfortable in photos?

Act natural.

That's it.

Look at the first image (one of my faves!) picture of Griffin. He's standing, leaning into the wall. His arms are crossed. Nothing complicated about that. But wow, that picture! BAM!

The second photo is similar but not quite the same. While he is standing with his arms crossed, the location and angle of the shot are different, making it a unique capture.

In the third image, Griffin is sitting down against the wall, knees up, arms wrapped around his knees. Again, nothing complicated. But it's an AWESOME shot and he looks GREAT!

In Griffin's senior pictures, he looks calm, cool and collected. He looks comfortable. Most importantly,  he looks like himself. 

Stories Framed Photography | guy senior photos | Tosa East Class of 2015 | cool wall
Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.
— Theodore Roosevelt

Griffin - good luck to you! Enjoy the little bit that's left of high school for you and then onto your future... go get 'em!