August 2016

Wauwatosa East HS | class of 2017 | Sydney's Sneak Peek

My work here is done. 

In one beautiful, sunny afternoon in Wauwatosa, I calmed Sydney's nerves, made her laugh, made her mom cry (a few times I think) and confirmed my absolute LOVE and ADORATION of my job. 

The only thing is, Sydney made my job a little TOO easy. Ah, I'll take it. 


Doesn't this image look like it could have been taken in just about any decade? Sydney's outfit is timeless (and totally adorable!) and her hair and makeup are clean and classic. Perfection!

I cannot WAIT to share the rest of the session. Ohmygoodness! 

No judging here... but if you haven't had your senior portraits scheduled, I believe it's time you clicked that big button down there... 

Kettle Moraine HS | class of 2017 senior portrait Sneak Peek for Morgan

Allow me to introduce the beautiful Morgan, of the proud members of the Kettle Moraine graduating class of 2017.

We met up in the Third Ward for her senior portrait session on a gorgeous day over a week ago. We had so much fun working together! And yes, I know, that may sound generic and bland but it's THE TRUTH. We finished her session and I actually felt like I could have kept going for two more hours. 

Here is the overdue sneak peek at Morgan's senior portrait session...

Kettle Moraine class of 2017 senior portrait Morgan

 So, would you believe me if I told you these shots weren't even the BEST ones? Seriously. 

School bells are beginning to chime across the Milwaukee area. Do you have your senior pictures taken care of? WHAT? You don't? Okay, I won't tell anyone... but do yourself a favor and click the button below.

Shorewood Family Photography | Sneak Peek for the Andersons

It's Monday and I thought you could use a little pick-me-up.

Ironically, the day we shot these portraits, it was a grey, gloomy and very rainy and soggy day. Ha. As if that will stop me. My camera and I repel water and gloom in a single bound. 

This is the beautiful Anaya. I'm going to stop right there so you can stare at her portrait and take it all in. Ah, this girl.


Breath-taking, right? Oh, just wait. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg... I can't wait to share the entire gallery with her mom. 

Are you holding back on booking your family portraits because of WEATHER? Don't wait too long or heat and rain will pale in comparison to that S-word.... snow. Yowsa! I said it. 

Now booking through the rest of 2016... yes, that includes when we might have "S" on the ground.

Wauwatosa Family Photography | Smith Family Reunion

This is a special one, my friend. My very own assistant had a family reunion.

(Well, mostly a reunion. Sadly, her brother and his family couldn't make it. Even sadder is the reason -- sewer backup. No! Yes. I don't even know him and I want to hug him. Poor guy.)

I got to meet Jen's family and her family's families. Would you like to meet them too? Here you go... The Smith Family.

Isn't that beautiful? Jen thought so.... all the tears!! I grabbed this snapshot BEFORE getting the box of Kleenex. 


And because I just can't help myself, I HAVE GOT to share some images from Jen's "little" family. Her kids are fantastic. I totally see where they get their sassiness from. (wink wink)


I know what you're thinking...

First, "what a lovely family!" And you'd be right.

Then, after a short pause, you think to yourself, "I wish I had a beautiful family pictures like this."

You're in luck! I  happen to know just the person! 

New Berlin Family Photography | Jasinski Sneak Peek

I have always believed that my high school seniors have a vision of how they want to look in their senior pictures. I would like to officially amend that statement to include three year old girls.

Anne, like many little humans her age, had a specific idea of where she wanted to stand, what she wanted to hold and how she wanted to look. Stool or no stool. Pine cone or blade of grass. Running or standing still.

My job as her assistant/photographer/minion is to follow orders and comply as best I can. (All the parents of three years olds are nodding enthusiastically.) All while creating beautiful portraits of them at this precious, precious age.

To quote Olivia Pope, "consider it handled." 

Meet the adorable, fun -- and fully in charge -- Anne and her three month old sister Lillian. I cannot WAIT to share the rest of the session. There are lots more where this came from. 


Is is time for some updated family portraits of you and your family? I'm now booking through the end of the year. Yes, you read that right. The rest of 2016! Click below to schedule your session before my calendar fills up and it becomes 2017.