New Berlin Family Photography | Jasinski Sneak Peek

I have always believed that my high school seniors have a vision of how they want to look in their senior pictures. I would like to officially amend that statement to include three year old girls.

Anne, like many little humans her age, had a specific idea of where she wanted to stand, what she wanted to hold and how she wanted to look. Stool or no stool. Pine cone or blade of grass. Running or standing still.

My job as her assistant/photographer/minion is to follow orders and comply as best I can. (All the parents of three years olds are nodding enthusiastically.) All while creating beautiful portraits of them at this precious, precious age.

To quote Olivia Pope, "consider it handled." 

Meet the adorable, fun -- and fully in charge -- Anne and her three month old sister Lillian. I cannot WAIT to share the rest of the session. There are lots more where this came from. 


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