Elm Grove senior portraits

Tosa East HS class of 2019 | (another) Jack's Sneak Peek

This is my second Jack H. of the 2019 senior season. Really!

This Jack is a sweet, quiet kid. He was so agreeable… I could have asked him to stand in the middle of a busy street and I think he would have agreed. (Oh, but I wouldn’t!)

Jack and his mom, Wendy, wanted some traditional spots in Tosa as the setting for his senior portraits. This is one of them… can you guess where we were?


Do you still need to get on the Senior Photo Train? I know your stomach just leaped into your throat. But I promise you - it’s NOT TOO LATE! The Wauwatosa high schools have yearbook deadline of NOVEMBER 9. Some of the private schools are as late as January. See? We’re good!

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Senior Portrait Sneak Peek | Brian from Tosa West class of 2019

Here he is… Mr. Brian Dunn.

I can’t tell you how much fun I had with Brian and his mom, Bridget.

Really, I can’t. It would sound like I was making it up. We were laughing, making jokes chatting like long lost friends and just having the time of our lives.

See? Now YOU want to have a session like Brian’s. And since I don’t have a TON of openings left this fall, I don’t want to leave you out and make anyone feel that sinking FOMO feeling.

(To be safe… book your family session TODAY and see if you can still get on the schedule.)

In the meantime, here is Brian’s Sneak Peek from his senior photo session.

Hope you like it, Dunn family!


Tosa West HS class of 2019 | Haisam's Sneak Peek

Just when you think I’m done with senior portraits…. I’m back!

Here is another fantastic Tosa West class of 2019 senior. This is Haisam.

He and his mom came into the studio for his photo shoot. While we did some AMAZING studio shots (I’m saving those for their Reveal + Selection Meeting!) this image really speaks volumes about Haisam and his laid back personality.


He was a pleasure to work with and really, was so comfortable and relaxed. I can’t wait to share the rest of his session.

Is your high school senior attending one of the schools with looming yearbook deadlines? If you haven’t had time to do your research, here’s a list of some of the upcoming dates that photographers have to meet for our clients.

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  • Greendale DEC 15

  • Wauwatosa East DEC 21

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Aaron's Senior Portrait Sneak Peek | Brookfield East class of 2019

Last week, I met this great kid named Aaron and his lovely mom, Lisa, at a nearby park for Aaron's senior portrait session. 

Aaron was totally relaxed and fun to work with. He's a go-with-the-flow kind of kid. I like that. Not only does it make my job easier (than it already was), it makes it more fun, too. I could keep coming up with ideas and he'd be totally down with anything. "Hey, Aaron! Jump in the pond..." I'm sure he would have if I'd asked. 

While I was looking over the photos from his session, this one struck me. 

Not only is he completely and totally natural looking, but I knew I had to convert this one to black and white. There are more from this set with the blue wall - I couldn't make them all black and white - that would be a crime! But one is okay, right?

The color is so vibrant - oh, and THAT WALL! But the black and white is so classic and timeless.

What do you think? Which do you prefer?

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