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Shooting Outside My Comfort Zone | Imaging USA Conference Portraits

Yesterday you read my brief summary about what exactly goes on at a professional photography conference. Missed it? The fascinating details are HERE, plus some pretty pictures, too.

In that post, I promised to show something totally different today. Something totally out of my wheelhouse. 

Yes, the model is wearing a WEDDING DRESS! I had SO much fun in this class.

BUT. It will not change anything as far as what I focus on in my business. I still do NOT shoot weddings. (But I do know some really brilliant wedding photographers, so if you're looking for one, let me know.) 

I LOVE all the light and shadows at play with these portraits. The Type A in me secretly wishes I could have perfected the shots, but with the crowd of people all photographing the same model, I had to slowly step away and take deep calming breaths.

Amazing, right? I can totally picture doing lighting like this for senior portraits. What do you think?

The next model sat down in the hallway of the conference center. For real. (The above photos were just around the corner, also in a stale, generic conference center. Ah, the magic!)

Who's in? Who wants some dramatically lit portraits like these? Heck, if you really want, I'll even let you wear your wedding dress.

Professional Photographers of America Unite! | Imaging USA 2017

Every year I attend a conference for professional photographers.

That may sound incredibly boring to you. (For me, it's a chance to talk nerdy with my people.) Or maybe you're curious - what on EARTH goes on at a photography conference? 

  • we network with other photographers
  • we meet our vendors
  • we try new products
  • we attend classes covering everything from business to technique to inspiration
  • we eat
  • we drink
  • we don't have to feed our kids for a few days
  • we don't have to do laundry (free t-shirts!)
  • we learn from our peers
  • we absorb like sponges new and different ideas and concepts
  • we make new friends
  • we come back energized and motivated and revving our photographic engines
  • we also come back exhausted beyond belief

Oh, yeah. There may be a little bit of actual PHOTOGRAPHY going on, too.

This year I took several classes where we had models to photograph. I really love how the portraits turned out so I thought I'd share, just for fun. Today I'll share the senior portraits...

First, this is the charming Kent, our high school senior model from San Antonio.

This last shot, I asked him to look right at me and give me a stink-eye. He did. And then the crowd erupted in laughter. I kinda wish I got that shot, too.

Now. No offense to the handsome kid, but there's just SOMETHING  about a girl in a gorgeous, flowing dress...

Allow me to introduce you to Georgeanna, our other San Antonio high school senior model. 

I could have photographed this girl (and Kent, too!) all day long. But I couldn't. Why? Because THIS is what it ACTUALLY looked  like at the shoot.... 

Surprisingly, no photographers were harmed in the photographing of this session. Much. (darn elbows)

I hope you love these shots... they WERE as much fun as they look. Truly. 

Come back tomorrow -- I'm going to share some TOTALLY DIFFERENT images than anything I've ever done before. Curious? (evil laugh)

While you wait, here's another crazy behind the scenes shot....