Professional Photographers of America Unite! | Imaging USA 2017

Every year I attend a conference for professional photographers.

That may sound incredibly boring to you. (For me, it's a chance to talk nerdy with my people.) Or maybe you're curious - what on EARTH goes on at a photography conference? 

  • we network with other photographers
  • we meet our vendors
  • we try new products
  • we attend classes covering everything from business to technique to inspiration
  • we eat
  • we drink
  • we don't have to feed our kids for a few days
  • we don't have to do laundry (free t-shirts!)
  • we learn from our peers
  • we absorb like sponges new and different ideas and concepts
  • we make new friends
  • we come back energized and motivated and revving our photographic engines
  • we also come back exhausted beyond belief

Oh, yeah. There may be a little bit of actual PHOTOGRAPHY going on, too.

This year I took several classes where we had models to photograph. I really love how the portraits turned out so I thought I'd share, just for fun. Today I'll share the senior portraits...

First, this is the charming Kent, our high school senior model from San Antonio.

This last shot, I asked him to look right at me and give me a stink-eye. He did. And then the crowd erupted in laughter. I kinda wish I got that shot, too.

Now. No offense to the handsome kid, but there's just SOMETHING  about a girl in a gorgeous, flowing dress...

Allow me to introduce you to Georgeanna, our other San Antonio high school senior model. 

I could have photographed this girl (and Kent, too!) all day long. But I couldn't. Why? Because THIS is what it ACTUALLY looked  like at the shoot.... 

Surprisingly, no photographers were harmed in the photographing of this session. Much. (darn elbows)

I hope you love these shots... they WERE as much fun as they look. Truly. 

Come back tomorrow -- I'm going to share some TOTALLY DIFFERENT images than anything I've ever done before. Curious? (evil laugh)

While you wait, here's another crazy behind the scenes shot....