March 2016

Stories Framed Photography gets "FURY"ous with a mystery writer

Nothing makes a lover of writing more nervous and paranoid than writing about a writer. Did I get the punctuation right? Is my grammar ok (or at least ok-ish)? Do I make sense? Oh, I could keep going. But instead I'll keep my worry to myself and move on to the meat of the story...

I happen to LOVE telling stories. I really love reading books. I would NEVER EVER peek at the last page of a book. It's practically against my religion! 

Except this one time. 

Meet Shane Gericke. He is a bestselling crime and mystery writer. He is one of the nicest people on the planet. And he hired me to take his (dashing yet daunting) author photos.

SFP author book photo
SFP author photo Shane Gericke

So when I received his latest book, The Fury, I just knew I had to break the rules and skip to the end.

I PINKY-SWEAR-PROMISE I did not read a single word from the end of the text. I have NO IDEA who dies, how they met their fate or, for that matter, if anyone dies at all. Oh boy, I'm just digging myself into a hole here.... {murder mystery humor}

Stories Framed | author | book cover

I did, however, look at THIS (while jumping up and down and squealing so loud my dog thought I was hurt)...

SFP The Fury author photo

Thank goodness no one was here to witness the embarrassing happy dance I did when I saw my name and a photo that I took  in a nationally bestselling novel. This was really exciting. REALLY. FLIPPING. EXCITING. 

(Editor's Note: This all took place last fall, long before Abbie's photo was used in the recently released non-fiction book about Passover. She's much more accepting of world-renowned fame and fortune for her photography. FYI.)

Stories Framed | author headshot | thankyou

Not only was my photo credit listed alongside the photo I took of Shane, he also THANKED me! How cool is that?! In fact, Shane named me one of his ARTISTS. Such an honor. Sincerely. 

If you look below the Artist paragraph, (second billing, mind you, haha) my mom, Jan Page, and step-dad, Bill Page, were listed as contributors in the form of "The Manuscript Whisperer" and typo-and-fact-checkers;

(That was an intentional misuse of punctuation to see just how good they are at their jobs.... and to see if I can keep it that way without breaking out in hives.)

Here are a few more shots from Shane's fun and spooky-ish photoshoot. I loved the locations we used. They were so suited to his brand. Sorta looks like he's in an old, creepy prison. 

SFP author headshots | back alley

This next shot is one of my personal favorites. Shane looks so serious and dramatic. I am a little bit afraid of him here. (As a crime writer, I hope he takes that as a compliment. I promise not to let on that, in reality, he's a total softie.)

Stories Framed | author headshots | behind the scene | bts

As serious and dramatic as that portrait turned out, THIS was the goofy "behind the scenes" situation we had going on. We had a black background, what looks like perfect lighting (it actually WAS perfect: all natural sunlight in an overcast sky). We had a black reflector and oh yeah, those three goofballs.

Now, dear reader, you have one thing left to do: go buy The Fury.

Oh, and when you read it, be sure to start at the beginning.

Are you an aspiring author? Are you a New York Times Bestselling Author? Either way, you must have a superbly perfect headshot on that back cover. Call me. We'll do pictures.

she has no idea. | sam's story.

Last night, my daughter Sam surprised me. I mean REALLY SHOCKED me.

On a whim, she allowed me to photograph her.

It doesn't sound like a big deal but really, it was EVERYTHING. She usually runs screaming from the mere mention of the word "camera".

But last night she agreed to four minutes.

My husband and I scrambled into the studio, changed the backgrounds, set up the lights and I gripped my camera as though someone might try to pry it away from me.


I talked to her. I made her laugh. 

Hang on right there. I MADE HER LAUGH.

We talked about how, contrary to her previous belief, I don't actually tell all of my clients to smile. Sometimes it doesn't suit them to smile in all their portraits. Or any of them. I told her it depends on their personality. 

"What's your personality, Sam?"

"I don't smile."

Ok. We'll see...

The thing is, she has NO IDEA.

She has no idea how happy she made me.

She has no idea how happy she made her dad... her grandparents... 

She has no idea how happy she made herself.

And above all else, she has no idea... she has absolutely NO IDEA HOW BEAUTIFUL SHE IS.

This is why I photograph Tweens. This is why I am grateful to have photographed my own Tween.

They should know.

Do you see what I see? More girls (and boys!) Sam's age need to know how AMAZING they are.

Let's show them...

Join me in my #MKEkids Tween Program:

P.S. Sam, if you read this -- THANK YOU. This meant so much to me. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and don't you ever forget it. xoxo

The Anniversary Post - an UPDATE!

I have an update!

The sweet newlyweds  wrote about HERE had a slight change to their story. 

(Lesson Learned/Confession: in my old-ish age, my memory ain't what it used to be. Now I write stuff down.)

So how did the story change? Really, Claudia just elaborated with more details of their Fairy Tale Romance....

After they had been dating a while (in Brussels), Claudia left for the U.S.  Neither wanted a long distance relationship (who can blame them?), so they broke up. 

"But," added Claudia, "three months later he decided to come and visit me, and since then he never wanted to leave... and you know the rest of the story."

Yes we do. Oh, my heart! (sniff)

What she told me next just about broke me: "...he left everything by choice: his family, his friends, his job, his culture and country... he even gave up to the cheese and baguettes!" 

Someone get the mop, I'm a PUDDLE! 

SFP international engagement

So they had their wedding ceremony in the French Alps. 

And then they had a wedding celebration in Chihuahua, Mexico.

If you're counting, technically, they had THREE weddings in three countries.

And then.

Here's the BIG UPDATE.


Claudia sent me this.... 

Photo courtesy of Claudia Francelia. Taken in Mexico.

Photo courtesy of Claudia Francelia. Taken in Mexico.

Photo courtesy of Claudia Francelia. 

Photo courtesy of Claudia Francelia. 

Felicidades! Congratulations! Félicitations! 

I am over the moon happy for you both... or rather, all three of you.

Expect ANOTHER update soon. wink wink.