she has no idea. | sam's story.

Last night, my daughter Sam surprised me. I mean REALLY SHOCKED me.

On a whim, she allowed me to photograph her.

It doesn't sound like a big deal but really, it was EVERYTHING. She usually runs screaming from the mere mention of the word "camera".

But last night she agreed to four minutes.

My husband and I scrambled into the studio, changed the backgrounds, set up the lights and I gripped my camera as though someone might try to pry it away from me.


I talked to her. I made her laugh. 

Hang on right there. I MADE HER LAUGH.

We talked about how, contrary to her previous belief, I don't actually tell all of my clients to smile. Sometimes it doesn't suit them to smile in all their portraits. Or any of them. I told her it depends on their personality. 

"What's your personality, Sam?"

"I don't smile."

Ok. We'll see...

The thing is, she has NO IDEA.

She has no idea how happy she made me.

She has no idea how happy she made her dad... her grandparents... 

She has no idea how happy she made herself.

And above all else, she has no idea... she has absolutely NO IDEA HOW BEAUTIFUL SHE IS.

This is why I photograph Tweens. This is why I am grateful to have photographed my own Tween.

They should know.

Do you see what I see? More girls (and boys!) Sam's age need to know how AMAZING they are.

Let's show them...

Join me in my #MKEkids Tween Program:

P.S. Sam, if you read this -- THANK YOU. This meant so much to me. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and don't you ever forget it. xoxo