May 2015

#MKEkids Winners Coming to Instagram!

Hey you, young people! I didn't forget you. 

I'm rolling out all the BIG WINNERS on Instagram starting today. Are you SO excited or what?

If you are one of my winners, here's the dealio:

Yes, you really get a FREE PHOTOSHOOT with up to four of your BFFs. This is an awesome end-of-school year keepsake before you move on to a new class and a new school. (No crying!) You will always have THESE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS of you and your BFFs.


So, what now?

WINNERS - do these things right away:

  1. Most importantly, HAVE YOUR PARENTS CALL ME to set up the session. Without their permission, I can't do anything. Email works too.
  2. This is important, too: the session MUST BE HELD BY JUNE 30.
  3. The session is for you and up to four of your friends. It will be about an hour long. Everyone will get a complimentary framed photo from the session. (Yay!)
  4. Photos will be posted on Instagram and probably here, too. The entire session will also be available for viewing on a private proof site. Links will be sent when the site is loaded with all your amazing pictures.
  5. We WILL talk about wardrobe and hair and makeup. But here's a summary: BE YOU

If you are NOT one of my winners:

Sad face. Thank you for entering. Thank you for following #MKEkids. I am so excited to roll out this new division of Stories Framed Photography JUST FOR TWEENS. You are a special and unique group of people with something spectacular to say. Keep following #MKEkids... 

Are you a MOM of one of a kid between 10-14 years old?  Are you curious about these BFF photo shoots? Contact me for more information. Are you struggling with a birthday party idea? A birthday gift idea? Click below and let's talk... I think I can help you!

Stories Framed Photography Presents Mia | Pius XI Class of 2015 | Seniors

This was one busy weekend. Aside from a major national holiday, yet another of my seniors has moved into the Great Summer of Limbo - the season after high school graduation and before starting college. I remember it well myself. Just like it was yesterday (cough cough). So thrilled to finally be done with high school yet not quite sure of what looms ahead. And at the same time, so excited you could hardly contain yourself. It's one of the most confusing and emotional times ever. (Well, it was for me. But I was a born basket case....)

So, right, um...  back to 2015. 

Here she is -- MIA.

Stories Framed Photography | senior girl in the woods | Pius XI HS

Quiet, introspective, MIA.

Stories Framed Photography | Pius XI class of 2015 | Mia | on a log

When we first met for her senior session, she was a little unsure. With mom and sister enthusiastically watching from the sidelines, I quietly snuck Mia around the side of a building. As we joked and laughed, taking pictures, changing poses, I watched as she quickly and easily relaxed. And the rest, as they say... was an ace in the hole. (Do they say that? Or did I just make it up?)

Stories Framed Photography | Pius XI HS class of 2015 | senior portraits

And then....

Stories Framed Photography | senior portraits | girl with a guitar

...And then she played her guitar. Wow. At which point I momentarily forgot I was hired as their photographer. You can see (hear) it is her passion and her love. In fact, she was so focused on playing that didn't notice at all when I finally snapped out of my trance and resumed doing my job. Mia kept on playing.

Stories Framed Photography | senior pictures | Pius XI HS class of 2015 | silhouette with guitar
Stories Framed Photography | urban senior portraits | Milwaukee | Waukesha | Wauwatosa
Stories Framed Photography | Milwaukee senior portraits | class of 2015
Follow your passion, stay true to yourself, never follow someone else’s path unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path then by all means you should follow that.
— Ellen DeGeneres

I am so happy for this girl and her adorable little family. Congratulations on what I'm sure will be an amazing future - I would expect nothing less from you, dear Mia.

Stories Framed Photography | the final senior shot | class of 2015 | looking out

Can you picture yourself "lost" in the woods for your senior pictures? Or maybe you like the streets of an urban setting?  Email me. We'll do pictures wherever your heart desires.

Color or Black and White? | MKEkids BFF Shoot

There are several challenges surrounding perfecting the art of photography - in good ways, of course. To name only a few -- effectively using locations, knowing camera settings, placing the subject in a flattering pose... and doing these things at the same time. 

After the photos are captured, there is one more challenge that continually tortures me. Color or black and white? I've talked about this before. It's a never-ending quest for the right answer.... when there is, in fact, no right answer.

See, I LOVE color. Bright, bold, pretty colors make me so happy. But then -- a beautiful black and white, well, black and whites can make me swoon. 

So what do YOU think?  Happy or swoon? Color or black and white? 

#MKEkids is the tween division of Stories Framed Photography. Yup. Tweens are so cool they get their own department! :)

More information is coming soon about #MKEkids sessions. Can't wait? Contact me today to learn about BFF photo shoots, birthday parties and more. Also, be sure to follow #MKEkids on Instagram.

Happy Mother's Day from Stories Framed Photography

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms, grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

Even though, on occasion, your families may thank you for making their favorite meal or helping them with their homework, today is the official day to recognize all the tireless hours and literal blood, sweat and  tears you put in to helping your little ones grow and your bigger ones flourish.

Today you are recognized for all the sleepless nights, countless diaper changes, never ending loads of laundry... for all the times you gave in and said "yes" at Target, all the navigating to school and soccer and art classes... for your incredible mind reading skills, painless bandaid removal strategies... for all the times you knew just what to say and exactly what they needed.... for all the broken hearts you (tried) to mend and the tears you wanted so desperately to dry.

Yes, for all that. And more.

Today is your day. 

Call your moms in whatever form they come in and take a moment to thank them. When you've done that, treat yourself to a nap. Trust me when I say, there is nothing better than a Mother's Day Nap. (I'll go first!)

Thank you, mom. I love you Mom-Mom. Always and forever. xoxo

I would love to help you capture your own multi-generational portrait. Time is fleeting, do it now