Color or Black and White? | MKEkids BFF Shoot

There are several challenges surrounding perfecting the art of photography - in good ways, of course. To name only a few -- effectively using locations, knowing camera settings, placing the subject in a flattering pose... and doing these things at the same time. 

After the photos are captured, there is one more challenge that continually tortures me. Color or black and white? I've talked about this before. It's a never-ending quest for the right answer.... when there is, in fact, no right answer.

See, I LOVE color. Bright, bold, pretty colors make me so happy. But then -- a beautiful black and white, well, black and whites can make me swoon. 

So what do YOU think?  Happy or swoon? Color or black and white? 

#MKEkids is the tween division of Stories Framed Photography. Yup. Tweens are so cool they get their own department! :)

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