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Tosa West HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Grace

Allow me to introduce this adorable, sweet and lovely girl from Wauwatosa West High School’s graduating class of 2020.

This is Grace.

This photo encapsulates her light and airy personality. You know Grace, she’s a walk in the park. (sorry, that was pretty bad.)


Grace’s mom, Melissa was a practical Girl Scout when it came to getting her daughter ready for her senior portrait session. She made me wish we were ALL that prepared (ha, myself included). So thanks to Team Mann, I’ve come up with this handy little list of odds and ends to bring to your session.


  1. Wardrobe change. Sure you want the extra outfit or two, the dance costume or sports uniform. Don’t forget the proper undergarments, shoes and accessories!

  2. Hair products. Whether it’s hairspray for some lift or bobby pins and a ponytail holder for a total change, you may want to refresh your ‘do so bring it along.

  3. Makeup. Even if you didn’t have your makeup done by a pro, you should bring along extras for touch ups. Powder, mascara, lipstick and gloss don’t take up a lot of space and can make a huge difference mid-session (especially outside in the wind and sun).

    And some things I always have…

  4. Blotting papers. If we are outside in the heat, these babies are priceless.

  5. Clips. I always have clips with me (the clamp-y kind from Home Depot). We may need to “take in” a dress or a jacket and this is an easy way to do it without bringing along a seamstress.

  6. Towel. We may need to wipe down a table, you may want something to plop down on in the dirt or… you may elect to dry off after frolicking in the river. You never know.

  7. An all-terrain wagon. Who do you think is going to carry all of this stuff?!?

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Marquette University HS Class of 2020 | Sneak Peek for JJ

It’s back-to-school season here in the Milwaukee area. Some schools - but not all - have gone back in the last week… and then there’s the rest of them that go back after Labor Day.

JJ is a senior at Marquette University High School and classes for the boys at MUHS started last Wednesday. We squeezed his session in the finally, fleeting moments of (his) summer.

JJ (and JJ’s mom, of course!) here’s a Sneak Peek from your senior photo session. I was glad to have the chance to work with you!


Now hang on a second — even if school has started, yearbook photos aren’t due quite yet. (Except for you, Brookfield Central families. You have the earliest deadline that I know of!) We still have plenty of time — as in, months - to get those senior photos shot and sent in.

So to you moms reading this in panic, relax! Sit back, breathe and let me help you. From a consultation to answer your questions to yearbook photo delivery to graduation announcements ordered, my job is to make things easier on you. My other job is to make sure your high school senior looks phenomenal in their photos.

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Pair of Sisters | Wales Family Sneak Peek

I love this family!

These two sisters, Madison and Morgan, are so close, they practically think for each other. They are constantly fixing each other to perfection, making sure the other one looks her best, without a hair out of place.

Their mom, Kristin, is doting and loving and adores them with all her heart. She seems to really get them, which is saying something when you have teenagers.

And then there’s their step-dad, Jim. He’s the quiet observer amidst all the chaos. He just stands off to the side watching and listening. If I didn’t know better, he’s probably secretly writing some crazy “Day in the Life”-type memoir.

Meanwhile I’m standing in front of all of them with my camera going, “So, who’s first?” and “How did you all get MORE beautiful?!”

Here’s your little Sneak Peek, Kristin. This is a lovely candid shot, surely right after they both rolled their eyes at each other.

Madison and Morgan, you are both gorgeous!

And Jim, if you need the name of a publisher…


Fall is coming and Family Season is right around the corner. My autumn weekends are already booking quickly. If you’re thinking of getting your crew together for updated family photos and some holiday cards, don’t delay. I’m scheduling sessions - yes, for real - through the end of the year.

Extended Family Reunion | Sibling Sneak Peek

When you think of an extended family portrait session - or a photo shoot for a family reunion - do you think it’s just a matter of getting “that one shot” of the whole big group?

Sure, it is. That’s the highlight of the event, no question.

However, my job is to give you much more than just “that one shot”.

Here’s a list of some of the must-gets at an extended family session:

  1. Entire family

  2. Grandparents

  3. Grandparents with grandchildren

  4. Grandparents with grown children

  5. Grown siblings

  6. Grown siblings and spouses

  7. Cousins

  8. Each family unit

  9. Couples

  10. Children by themselves

There are so many more — and my role is to suggest combinations that you may not have considered. The day can get away from you; concerns about clothes, kids behaving and grandma getting tired keep your mind busy. Leave the photography and shot list to me.

Looking to book an extended family session this fall? I’d love to help! Let’s talk!

This weekend I photographed the stunning extended Kandula family … reunited for the first time in years.

As a surprising bonus, the family dog escaped the house and ran into the garden at a serendipitous moment. It made for THE perfect sibling portrait! Can you say canvas over the mantle?


Class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Rece

So here’s the thing. Every single photo from your senior portrait session doesn’t need to be shiny and happy. It doesn’t mean we have to blast The Smiths* or anything, but you do want to show some personality, right?

Rece’s senior session was last week and we had an absolute blast running around Breitlow Field. He’s got an amazing smile and a great laugh. But this Sneak Peek shows his other side - Rece is part curious, part serious, part up-to-something.


*For the benefit of you class of 2020-ers, The Smiths was an alternative rock band from the 1980’s who were known for their super-sad songs. One of their most popular songs was “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”. Now that’s depressing.

When I photograph you, don’t expect to smile the entire time. I’m going to do my best to pull out all those personality shots, too. Can you raise one eyebrow? Do you have adorable dimples? Are you known to wink at people? Whatever expressive quirk you may have, it needs to be part of your senior portrait story!

I’m now booking Class of 2020 senior photos for September and October. If you want a weekend date, call me ASAP. (Although weekday sessions are a great excuse to play hooky with mom!) I’d love to chat about your senior photos. Call me, email me, visit the senior page on my website. Let’s talk!