Milwaukee Professional Senior Portraits

Muskego HS class of 2019 | Sneak Peek for Lauren

I know, I know, it's Labor Day. I shouldn't be working. This is the joy of my "job" - it doesn't feel like work.

And that's how you will feel when you see Lauren's senior portraits - she made it look effortless! Like it was no work at all! She's such a beautiful girl and she absolutely shines in her photos.

Lauren, I hope you love your Sneak Peek!


Good luck tomorrow with the start of your SENIOR YEAR of high school! It's an exciting and emotional time. Enjoy!

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Greendale HS class of 2019 | Kayce's Sneak Peek

Kayce showed for her senior portraits with her sister.

Suddenly, I was mildly upset with her mom. She had neglected to mention something rather important when they booked the session: that Kayce is GORGEOUS. A complete and total natural beauty! 

(That's ok, Kathy. I won't stay mad at you!)

So, without further ado, here is the beautiful Kayce, Greendale High School class of 2019.


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Tosa East HS class of 2019 Sneak Peek | Jack

If there were a family that DEFINED Wauwatosa, it would be this one. They love, breathe and bleed Tosa. There's even a certain Cafe right in the Tosa Village named after them, for goodness sake! (kidding.)

So what better a place to have their oldest son's senior portraits than... the park that has the heart of Tosa... and its iconic bridge... Hoyt Park.

This is Jack, a Tosa East High School senior, class of 2019. (BTW, school starts in less than 2 months, but who's counting?)


What I love about this shot is that we were actually just waiting for people to pass by us over the bridge. He popped up there and Lisa, Jack's mom, said, "Oh, that's so him!" And so it was. 

Did you conveniently "forget" that your child needs to have senior photos done this summer? Growing up is hard on all of us, I get it. But why avoid the inevitable? Let's make this a memorable - and fun! - part of your student's SENIOR YEAR. ( I know it hurts.)

Sneak Peek for Jakob at Pius XI + 3 steps to a great location

Senior portrait season is officially underway for the class of 2019. 

Today's Sneak Peek is Jakob from Pius XI High School. We met at an exclusive and hard-to-find (haha, not really) location. We were at the beautiful St. Francis Seminary which had so many different options for scenery. This was just one.


Are you stuck on what kind of location you want to use for your senior portraits? I guide my clients through the process of choosing.


  • I ask lots of questions! I want to find out what the senior wants as well as what the parents expect. Aside from phone conversation and sometimes even in-person consultations, I send a thorough questionnaire to my clients to learn more about them.
  • Make a connection. True story: a mom wanted her son's senior portraits at the Milwaukee art museum. The kid had no interest in art. We need to connect the location to the personality and likes of everyone involved. (We ended up doing just that for this particular family and everyone loved the results.)
  • I have options. I have developed a curated list of locations that I like to use for portrait sessions. Once I know what you are looking for, I can search my database for the right place.

Let's talk about your senior portraits! From location to wardrobe to choosing the right products - I will guide you the entire way. Click the button to get started.

Congratulations to Chloe | a class of 2018 graduate

Once in a while a portrait session comes together so quickly that I don't get a chance to get to know my clients beforehand as much as I'd like to. It happens; schedules align, the weather works and yearbook deadlines loom. So we just do it!

In those situations, I find that I can show up in one of two ways: either on the defense, not sure what to expect OR with an open mind, not sure what to expect. (If you know me at all, you know which one I choose.) The way I see it, whoever is meeting me is WAY more nervous than I am. After all, they are the ones being photographed!

On this day (with THE perfect weather, by the way), I was waiting for Chloe. I knew she was a senior at Kettle Moraine High School. 

high school senior with glasses leaning on a log

When we first met, she gave the impression that she was a little timid. I'll tell you what, first impressions are not always right. This girl is funny, smart and confident.

We basically walked around the park like two friends hanging out, except one of them kept putting a giant camera to her face and telling the other one to look cute.

girl behind yellow flowers in a park

My first job - especially when we are both going in blind - is to put my subject at ease. When they are ready, we start with easy, comfortable poses and simple shots - just to get "warmed up".

Then we venture out looking for new spots, new angles, new light.


Chloe, I had such a great time getting to know you! You exude a quiet confidence that will take you so, so far. (But not too far because your sweet parents will miss you terribly!)


Dear Class of 2018, congratulations! Now go tell your friends who are going to be seniors to get their senior portraits booked with Stories Framed Photography. CLICK HERE for more info. Thanks, bye.