Muskego HS class of 2019 | Sneak Peek for Lauren

I know, I know, it's Labor Day. I shouldn't be working. This is the joy of my "job" - it doesn't feel like work.

And that's how you will feel when you see Lauren's senior portraits - she made it look effortless! Like it was no work at all! She's such a beautiful girl and she absolutely shines in her photos.

Lauren, I hope you love your Sneak Peek!


Good luck tomorrow with the start of your SENIOR YEAR of high school! It's an exciting and emotional time. Enjoy!

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Muskego Children's Photography | Spring-time!

I've had parents come to me with their energetic little ones and give me the knowing head nod. The head nod that says, "We've been here before. Good luck. I'm not so sure you will win this battle."

To which I say, "Game on!" I accept your challenge.

Mara, a wonderful mom of three met me at a local park on what turned out to be an incredibly windy day. And then it started raining. But not before we got a LOAD of amazing, beautiful, expressive shots of her darling kids.


When the three siblings were together at one time, it was clear that they DO actually like each other. This is photo is proof. 

Sometimes it's just a little easier to photograph siblings separately. What I loved about these three is their highly distinctive personalities. Clearly, Henry is the adorable, silly baby of the family. You may be able to guess who the middle, spunky child is. That's Hailey. And Hannah is the oldest, therefore, self-declared leader of the group.

When I look for locations for my photo shoots, I like to find places that have a variety of settings. Our location on this day, for example, has a large, open grassy field. It has some old, barn-wood buildings. It has rocky paths leading around wooded areas. 

Not only is it nice to have some variety in the background of the photos, walking from place to place keeps the kids entertained and focused. Win, win.

On this day, the most important part of the park turned out to be a wooden pathway underneath a canopy of trees. Why so special? Because it started to rain! But underneath nature's umbrella, we had no idea just how much it was coming down!

By the end of the session, the kids were worn out, they had earned their lollipops and I had what I needed to show mom that I won her challenge. These are three absolutely beautiful and spirited children. 


I'm now booking sessions for family and kids. It may be blustery outside but Spring and Summer ARE coming. They literally have no choice! (I say so.) Contact me right away to get your session booked for good (or even "decent") weather. 

Muskego Kids | Spring Family Sneak Peek

If you're following my goings-on via Facebook and Instagram, you know I've been busy... you know, signing things. (wink wink) 

But that's not the only thing keeping me busy. These kiddos had their birthday photos taken and we had SO MUCH FUN. I mean, sometimes we have fun. This time, WE HAD FUN.

We played hide and seek. We rolled in a blanket like a burrito. We pretended to take naps. We ran. We skipped. We stood like statues. We laughed. And yes, we cried. (An hour with three energetic siblings wouldn't be complete without a sniffle here and there.)

There were SO MANY shots I could have shared as a Sneak Peek for Mom. This one seemed seasonally appropriate. Enjoy!


Happy 4th of July! 

I'm thankful to live in a country where these three can express themselves and just be kids. It's a beautiful thing.

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Muskego HS Senior Portraits | class of 2017 | Nathan

Welcome to Stories Framed Photography's Senior Month

I love when moms come back to me with their younger children as they become seniors, it's the biggest compliment I could receive. Last year I photographed Arthur. This year it's Nathan's turn. 

And heeeere's... NATHAN.

Nathan will be graduating from Muskego High School. He may be a quiet kid, but he's not too shy. He did a FANTASTIC job at his session. His smile is warm and his eyes are thoughtful. 

Nathan was really fun to work with, easy going and very calm.

(And his mom is a doll!)


Congratulations, Nathan! Best of luck to you!


Did you know...

Stories Framed Photography's high school senior division has its own Instagram page? Check it out HERE or search #MKEseniors on Instagram. 

Muskego Senior Portraits | class of 2017 | Sneak Peek | Nathan

A few days ago I had another senior session. Oh, but not "just another" session.

This is Nathan, class of 2017 senior from Muskego High School. He's a cool kid. He's quiet, yet his bright eyes say so much.  


Last year, almost to the day, I photographed his brother's senior pictures. 

I mention this, not to compare siblings (I would never!), but to demonstrate that I must know what I'm doing (even a little). It is THE BIGGEST complement when my clients become REPEAT clients. Hiring me again means that the family trusts me, appreciates my work and can tolerate me and my dumb jokes. Or maybe not... I only really have one joke... hmf.

Whether you think I'm funny or not, thank you SO MUCH  to the Flater family! Welcome back to the Stories Framed Club.  I'm honored  to create your wall of memories.

The countdown to school has begun. Are you also just starting your search for a senior picture photographer? Don't put it off any more! Go back to school with awesome new portraits to show all your friends. My camera is ready for you, Class of 2017