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Local Business Spotlight | Jason Milz

Jason Milz

Milz Health Group



Who is your ideal client?
Anyone either on Medicare or getting ready to turn 65 and needing Medicare.

How did you get started in your field of work?
I have been in the Medicare insurance business since 2001. I enjoy helping individuals solve problems and Medicare can certainly be confusing to many people.

What is something people THINK they know about your job? 
They think I just sell insurance... Many people I deal with believe all Medicare insurance plans are the same however that is just not the case.

Name one thing you WISH people knew about your job?
Our services are FREE to the consumer and having a licensed agent in your corner vs. working directly with an insurance company can save time, money and potential headaches down the road when the time comes that you need to use your coverage.

What do you love most about your job?
Satisfaction from helping our thousands of clients

What is the ONE book that you think I should read RIGHT NOW?
Great At Work by Morten T Hansen





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Shorewood Family Photography | Sneak Peek for the Andersons

It's Monday and I thought you could use a little pick-me-up.

Ironically, the day we shot these portraits, it was a grey, gloomy and very rainy and soggy day. Ha. As if that will stop me. My camera and I repel water and gloom in a single bound. 

This is the beautiful Anaya. I'm going to stop right there so you can stare at her portrait and take it all in. Ah, this girl.


Breath-taking, right? Oh, just wait. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg... I can't wait to share the entire gallery with her mom. 

Are you holding back on booking your family portraits because of WEATHER? Don't wait too long or heat and rain will pale in comparison to that S-word.... snow. Yowsa! I said it. 

Now booking through the rest of 2016... yes, that includes when we might have "S" on the ground.