Wisconsin Family Photography

Her Family Portrait Sneak Peek | to warm your heart

It’s SO cold outside. Snow is everywhere. And it’s just… SO COLD.

I’m not complaining (technically), just stating the facts.

Today’s expected HIGH temperature in Milwaukee (similar to the entire midwest) is ONE DEGREE. One. With a windchill of -24. (that’s not a mark on your screen…. that is NEGATIVE 24 degrees.)

So what better way to warm up (besides jumping jacks and burpees) than by sharing a gorgeous family with you.

This group came to me from all over the country and yet, managed to immaculately coordinate the most stunning outfits. This family’s session was one of the times that, even though I’m behind the camera, I felt completely under-dressed. They were all SO beautifully put together.

I promise to share more from their session so you can see their gowns and bowties, but as this is just an itty-bitty peek, I decided to post only one of my favorite individual portraits from the day.

This is Dana.


Caught your breath for second, didn’t you?

Forgot you were shivering down to your toes, didn’t you?

She is such a beautiful girl, isn’t she?

It may not feel like spring - or that other season, summer - will ever visit us again, but they will! And when they are back, will you have your session scheduled for your family portraits? Something tells me outdoor sessions will be in demand when we can finally go outside again.

Can’t wait that long? Let’s create some modern-classic portraits indoors at my studio with you and your family.

2018 | what a year!

Whew. The calendar has flipped.

All the 2018 in reviews are floating around. All the lists of things to do in 2019 (cleverly disguised resolutions - I see through you!) are being shoved down our throat. I’m still reeling from the amazing year I had. Stop making me plan my next move - I’m just happy to be here!

Why so happy? Let me give you that long awaited (or not) 2018 recap…

JANUARY. My head literally exploded. OMGee. I won the Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee award for Best Children’s Photographer. It was an out of body experience and such an honor. Thank you sososososo much for your support and votes and pats on the back.

(In case you’re wondering about 2018’s award - they closed down my category! Does that mean I get to be the reigning champ?!)


MARCH. I had a BLAST collaborating with some beautiful and talented people on the Spring Style Guide. Did you get your copy? The tips inside won’t ever get old! Check it out.

SFP Style Guide Spring 18 frontcover.jpg

APRIL. I was featured in an article in Professional Photographer Magazine. This was a huge honor considering all the options for photographers they have at their fingertips. Definitely a super-proud moment for me.

MAY. I volunteered to do headshots for a group of women at a makeover event sponsored by Cabi. This was an exhausting day - physically and emotionally - but it was worth every single minute. When someone walks away from me believing - perhaps for the first time ever - that they ARE truly beautiful, my heart fills. This happened over 50 times in one single day. Oh my heart. Ironic that the event is called The Heart of Cabi? I think not.

AUGUST. I had an article published in an industry magazine. If you don’t know my secret past life, I went to college with plans to be a journalist. My life goals twisted and turned and somehow I ended up being a journalist! It was literally a life goal - accomplished! Blow me over!

SEPTEMBER. They say that if you don’t ask, you don’t get, if you don’t try, you don’t win. Well, I asked and tried — and got it and won! I asked to write again for the September issue of Toffee + Honey. She said yes! And THEN. In the same month I was published in Behind the Shutter Magazine. Wowowowow.

P.S. this is the month Shadow the Dog became a diva. Help me.


OCTOBER. WHUT??? Again?? Speechless. And giddy. And a little bit hungry.


NOVEMBER. Thanks to some generous sponsors and amazing support, I photographed 21 active duty soldiers and their families for Portraits of Bravery. They all received a package of holiday cards, prints and gifts. Merry Christmas, indeed.

This has been an amazing, mind-blowing year for me. I have to say, before you go, that if it weren’t for the loyal Stories Framed Photography family, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of this. You support me, you build me up. And I am TRULY GRATEFUL for you.

This one’s all you…. THANK YOU for being so GREAT in 2018. Now let’s BREAK RECORDS in 2019. What else do we have going on? CONTACT ME TODAY to get on my fast-filling calendar this year.


Elm Grove Family Reunion Sneak Peek

Summer is a great time for a good ol' family reunion. Picture the kids running around with water balloons, grownups sharing wistful stories from back-then, the grill smoking out burgers, potato salad chilling in the fridge and ice cream cones for dessert.

You can see it, right? 

What about next year? Can you still picture it?

What if you hire a photographer to capture your day? Problem solved!

I was asked to come to an Elm Grove home (with an amaaaaazing backyard), host to a family reunion three states wide. Twenty-four people getting together on a gorgeous - albeit hot - summer day in July. And I was there to photograph them. I'm so glad - they will have these memories forever. Someday, these photos will be admired with a snicker, "Look at us back then!" 

For the family's Sneak Peek, I decided to share a group shot with this family unit whose Dad/Grandpa made the wise decision to hire me. Thanks, Perry! You've got a gorgeous family there.

Maybe you don't have a family reunion planned this summer, but why not gather up the grandparents and the kids and have your own little family photo shoot? You don't need a reason... Sometimes "just because" works just fine.

congrats to jack | what to expect when you show up for a photo shoot

First and most importantly, congratulations to another one of my awesome class of 2018 seniors. Here is Jack, who graduated from Wauwatosa West High School earlier this week. Wahooooo! 

autumn portrait in a park near wooden fence

I've gotten to know Jack a little better in the last year and I'm so glad I did! 

When we met up for his session, I had a feeling he wasn't quite sure what to expect. Sometimes, no amount of pre-session prep can fill in ALL the blanks. 

I talked him through the process before we got started. I could see his demeanor relax as I talked. I'm not one for surprises (unless it's a party or a free gift!) and I don't expect my clients and subjects to like surprises either (again, unless it's a party or a free  gift!).

So here are some of the things Jack got to experience...


1. I'm human, you're human. I just happen to be holding a camera and you just happen to be standing/sitting/walking in front of said camera.

My #1 goal when I show up is to get my subject to relax. I chitchat with them and reveal that I can be a bumbling fool (in case they didn't already know) and I can make mistakes, feel awkward and forget to take off my lens cap. (Raise your hand if I've raised up my camera to photograph you with the lens cap on... ah, yes. See? That's a lot of you.)

2. You will pretty much be standing around a lot.

That's not so hard, is it? We will walk and talk and stop and take some shots. We will walk some more. I'll ask you to stand right there. No, over one more step. And off we go again. The model life is SO HARD. (It might be, but this Intro to Modeling 101 so it's not so bad.) Just stand here... Sit there... you got this!

Speaking of being a model...

3. You are not a model and that's totally ok.

You are not trained in proper posture and posing technique. I know this. Which is why I will tell you exactly what to do. I will help you understand how to stand, sit and walk. I will help pose you. I may adjust you. I know what the camera sees so if you can trust me, I swear I won't make you look bad. That's a promise. Plus, living in the digital age does have its benefits - if you were to blink or if I caught you talking, there's this amazing little button called DELETE. No need to worry.

senior boy in plaid shirt leaning on brick building

You will look amazing and brilliant in your photos. All your friends will love and like and wow your images on Facebook. After they complement you and all your awesomeness, they will ask where you found such an incredible photographer. (And you'll tell them, right?) 

But first, before any of that can happen, you need to click this little button right here.

Congratulations to you, Jack! You did a great job at your session. I really had fun with you walking around the park and finding fun little spots to stop and press the shutter. Good luck to you in your future endeavors! 

Sneak Peek and a Dog

After long last, Wendy brought her adorable and fun little family into the studio for some photos. One of the members is Rusty the Dog. (Yes that's a link to his very own - and very humorous! - Facebook page!)

Yup. Another family with a dog, another group of humans ignored by Abbie the photographer. I had treats all ready to go for the dog but poor (human) Ian got nada. I owe you, kid! 

Everyone did great and I cannot wait to share the rest. Wendy and her blank walls will be very, very happy. I just know it.

For now, I love this shot. It's very American Gothic, don't you think?

Happy Sneak Peek Day!


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