congrats to jack | what to expect when you show up for a photo shoot

First and most importantly, congratulations to another one of my awesome class of 2018 seniors. Here is Jack, who graduated from Wauwatosa West High School earlier this week. Wahooooo! 

autumn portrait in a park near wooden fence

I've gotten to know Jack a little better in the last year and I'm so glad I did! 

When we met up for his session, I had a feeling he wasn't quite sure what to expect. Sometimes, no amount of pre-session prep can fill in ALL the blanks. 

I talked him through the process before we got started. I could see his demeanor relax as I talked. I'm not one for surprises (unless it's a party or a free gift!) and I don't expect my clients and subjects to like surprises either (again, unless it's a party or a free  gift!).

So here are some of the things Jack got to experience...


1. I'm human, you're human. I just happen to be holding a camera and you just happen to be standing/sitting/walking in front of said camera.

My #1 goal when I show up is to get my subject to relax. I chitchat with them and reveal that I can be a bumbling fool (in case they didn't already know) and I can make mistakes, feel awkward and forget to take off my lens cap. (Raise your hand if I've raised up my camera to photograph you with the lens cap on... ah, yes. See? That's a lot of you.)

2. You will pretty much be standing around a lot.

That's not so hard, is it? We will walk and talk and stop and take some shots. We will walk some more. I'll ask you to stand right there. No, over one more step. And off we go again. The model life is SO HARD. (It might be, but this Intro to Modeling 101 so it's not so bad.) Just stand here... Sit there... you got this!

Speaking of being a model...

3. You are not a model and that's totally ok.

You are not trained in proper posture and posing technique. I know this. Which is why I will tell you exactly what to do. I will help you understand how to stand, sit and walk. I will help pose you. I may adjust you. I know what the camera sees so if you can trust me, I swear I won't make you look bad. That's a promise. Plus, living in the digital age does have its benefits - if you were to blink or if I caught you talking, there's this amazing little button called DELETE. No need to worry.

senior boy in plaid shirt leaning on brick building

You will look amazing and brilliant in your photos. All your friends will love and like and wow your images on Facebook. After they complement you and all your awesomeness, they will ask where you found such an incredible photographer. (And you'll tell them, right?) 

But first, before any of that can happen, you need to click this little button right here.

Congratulations to you, Jack! You did a great job at your session. I really had fun with you walking around the park and finding fun little spots to stop and press the shutter. Good luck to you in your future endeavors!