Giving Tuesday + Next Door Milwaukee = ❤️

If you recall, in September, I held a Book-ing Drive for Next Door Milwaukee.

Whaaaat? You don't remember what you had for lunch yesterday? Oh, yeah. Me neither.

SFP Book-ing Drive 9/17

I ended up (giddily!) buying a WHOPPING 40+ books from this month-long event.

Plus, a big thank you to everyone who brought books to my studio Soft Open in September. There will be some really happy kids in Milwaukee, finally able to read a book at bedtime. Hooray!


Well, I'm not done.

I've made a decision... in the spirit of Giving Tuesday, the holidays and kids everywhere holding books in their hands.


As of right now, that's over 100 books for kids.

Oh, and I'm not done...


Look out 2018... those kids are getting some new books! Will you help me?

  1. Bring new or gently-used children's books to the studio for the collection bin.
  2. Donate cash so I can buy even more books.
  3. Book a session! I will donate a book for EVERY SESSION. 

I'm beyond excited to get more kids reading. Let's give them the tools they need to do just that.


Stories Framed Photography | New Studio Soft Open Celebration

Hey, hey, hey! The day is finally here. 

The walls are painted. The floors are installed. The backdrops are hung. Most of the furniture and photos are in place. (The kids are back in school!) I think I'm ready to call it.... OPEN FOR BUSINESS! 

Now let me be super clear, this is a totally UNOFFICIAL opening celebration. I will be having a major extravaganza for the GRAND OPENING IN JANUARY. But I couldn't make you wait that long to come say hello. 

Consider this your New Studio Sneak Peek. 

So... c'mon over! I'll be here all day. Stop by and say hi, check out the place and see what I've been up to lately. (And why I need a nap!)

SFP Soft Open 9/8/17

Friday, September 8, 2017

890 Elm Grove Road --> in the Village Court

I may even have some goodies to give away. Hmm... 

Oh, and pretty please bring a new or used book for the September BOOK-ing DRIVE for Next Door Foundation

Stories Framed Photography | Back-to-School BOOK-ing Drive

Yesterday was BACK TO SCHOOL DAY! It was a rather emotionally draining day. I actually had intended to post this yesterday and I just didn't have it in me. 

See, this is a transition year. I now have a Freshman in high school and a 6th grader in Middle School. Sniff. Snort. Sob!


I wanted to do something extra-special in honor of the kids going back to school... I wanted to celebrate new beginnings... fresh starts... exciting opportunities.


Yes, that's right. For every session BOOKED this month, Stories Framed Photography will donate a BOOK to Next Door Foundation. That means one more child will have a book all to himself! 

Next Door Milwaukee is a a fantastic organization that provides books to kids who might not otherwise have them. More than that, their mission statement says, they "support the intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development of children". 

I recently had a tour of their facility and I fell in love. I absolutely applaud everything they stand for -- helping children learn to read and supporting children's appreciation of books -- all while supporting their overall welfare and happiness.

Here are just a few shots of the very quiet school and library - mere days before the halls would be filled with little faces and voices.

While we were touring, a school teacher stood in front of this very bookshelf to personally select books for his students.

Picture this: a fresh crop of students shows up for the first day of school. They are greeted by their happy and enthusiastic teacher. Then they each are handed a book - or two! - to take home and keep forever.

I want to help keep this library filled for more teachers, more families and more children to understand the joy that comes with holding a book in their hands. A book that is all their own.

So you've been thinking about scheduling family portraits? You still need to get your high school senior in for portraits? You've been procrastinating replacing your outdated headshot? CLICK HERE to schedule your session. When you do, I'll add another book to the bookshelf!

Not in the market for portraits? You are invited to come by my new studio and bring a new or used book for the Next Door Foundation collection bin. I will happily pass them on.

Learn more about Next Door Foundation HERE. There are so many great volunteer opportunities available - from sorting and cleaning books to reading to kids. 

Stories Framed Photography gets "FURY"ous with a mystery writer

Nothing makes a lover of writing more nervous and paranoid than writing about a writer. Did I get the punctuation right? Is my grammar ok (or at least ok-ish)? Do I make sense? Oh, I could keep going. But instead I'll keep my worry to myself and move on to the meat of the story...

I happen to LOVE telling stories. I really love reading books. I would NEVER EVER peek at the last page of a book. It's practically against my religion! 

Except this one time. 

Meet Shane Gericke. He is a bestselling crime and mystery writer. He is one of the nicest people on the planet. And he hired me to take his (dashing yet daunting) author photos.

SFP author book photo
SFP author photo Shane Gericke

So when I received his latest book, The Fury, I just knew I had to break the rules and skip to the end.

I PINKY-SWEAR-PROMISE I did not read a single word from the end of the text. I have NO IDEA who dies, how they met their fate or, for that matter, if anyone dies at all. Oh boy, I'm just digging myself into a hole here.... {murder mystery humor}

Stories Framed | author | book cover

I did, however, look at THIS (while jumping up and down and squealing so loud my dog thought I was hurt)...

SFP The Fury author photo

Thank goodness no one was here to witness the embarrassing happy dance I did when I saw my name and a photo that I took  in a nationally bestselling novel. This was really exciting. REALLY. FLIPPING. EXCITING. 

(Editor's Note: This all took place last fall, long before Abbie's photo was used in the recently released non-fiction book about Passover. She's much more accepting of world-renowned fame and fortune for her photography. FYI.)

Stories Framed | author headshot | thankyou

Not only was my photo credit listed alongside the photo I took of Shane, he also THANKED me! How cool is that?! In fact, Shane named me one of his ARTISTS. Such an honor. Sincerely. 

If you look below the Artist paragraph, (second billing, mind you, haha) my mom, Jan Page, and step-dad, Bill Page, were listed as contributors in the form of "The Manuscript Whisperer" and typo-and-fact-checkers;

(That was an intentional misuse of punctuation to see just how good they are at their jobs.... and to see if I can keep it that way without breaking out in hives.)

Here are a few more shots from Shane's fun and spooky-ish photoshoot. I loved the locations we used. They were so suited to his brand. Sorta looks like he's in an old, creepy prison. 

SFP author headshots | back alley

This next shot is one of my personal favorites. Shane looks so serious and dramatic. I am a little bit afraid of him here. (As a crime writer, I hope he takes that as a compliment. I promise not to let on that, in reality, he's a total softie.)

Stories Framed | author headshots | behind the scene | bts

As serious and dramatic as that portrait turned out, THIS was the goofy "behind the scenes" situation we had going on. We had a black background, what looks like perfect lighting (it actually WAS perfect: all natural sunlight in an overcast sky). We had a black reflector and oh yeah, those three goofballs.

Now, dear reader, you have one thing left to do: go buy The Fury.

Oh, and when you read it, be sure to start at the beginning.

Are you an aspiring author? Are you a New York Times Bestselling Author? Either way, you must have a superbly perfect headshot on that back cover. Call me. We'll do pictures.

Published! Passover book on shelves now

Dear Mom,

I have a big surprise for you! 

I've been holding onto a secret. Someone called me last fall, we talked, things happened and now... NOW I can finally tell you all about it.

It's so exciting! (jumping up and down)

So... One of my photographs has been published in a book! About PASSOVER! And you're in it! Okay, well, it's your shoulder and your ear, but that still counts. Ohmigosh I'm freaking out a little!

Last week of amazing mail, this was the second piece of mail to arrive in my mailbox containing my photos. In case you missed it, the first was the big Map and Event Schedule for Wauwatosa. Read about it here. Two publications in two days. That's a great roll to be on!

SFP Passover book cover

This is the book - Passover: Festival of Freedom. It's a beautiful and well written book. It is part history, part culture, part modern-day tradition. It's definitely, shall we say, a meatier book than your typical holiday text. 

It can be purchased online HERE or at your favorite local bookseller. Oh, and mom, I don't get any royalties from this book so you don't have to run out and buy every copy on the shelf. (I'll tell you when you should buy every copy... trust me, you'll know.)

Here is the book opened up to THE page... (chapter three, page 38)

SFP Published open book

See what I mean? MEAT. Substance. Story. And look at that there purdy picture! (LEFT side) Look who it is... you! And Sam. When Sam had long hair. And went by "Sammie". And actually sat at the table with us. (Now she's WAY too cool for us. Sniff.)

SFP Published Passover book closeup

See that caption? That's ME. My name. My company. It's all a little surreal, truth be told. And this one is especially personal because it's my FAMILY. Not an event, not a client. My. Family.

And it also proves that there is a perfectly good reason I have my camera with me everywhere I go (yes, even at the dinner table). Because you just never know when someone will ask to publish my work... 

So, mom, how do you like your surprise?