Published! Passover book on shelves now

Dear Mom,

I have a big surprise for you! 

I've been holding onto a secret. Someone called me last fall, we talked, things happened and now... NOW I can finally tell you all about it.

It's so exciting! (jumping up and down)

So... One of my photographs has been published in a book! About PASSOVER! And you're in it! Okay, well, it's your shoulder and your ear, but that still counts. Ohmigosh I'm freaking out a little!

Last week of amazing mail, this was the second piece of mail to arrive in my mailbox containing my photos. In case you missed it, the first was the big Map and Event Schedule for Wauwatosa. Read about it here. Two publications in two days. That's a great roll to be on!

SFP Passover book cover

This is the book - Passover: Festival of Freedom. It's a beautiful and well written book. It is part history, part culture, part modern-day tradition. It's definitely, shall we say, a meatier book than your typical holiday text. 

It can be purchased online HERE or at your favorite local bookseller. Oh, and mom, I don't get any royalties from this book so you don't have to run out and buy every copy on the shelf. (I'll tell you when you should buy every copy... trust me, you'll know.)

Here is the book opened up to THE page... (chapter three, page 38)

SFP Published open book

See what I mean? MEAT. Substance. Story. And look at that there purdy picture! (LEFT side) Look who it is... you! And Sam. When Sam had long hair. And went by "Sammie". And actually sat at the table with us. (Now she's WAY too cool for us. Sniff.)

SFP Published Passover book closeup

See that caption? That's ME. My name. My company. It's all a little surreal, truth be told. And this one is especially personal because it's my FAMILY. Not an event, not a client. My. Family.

And it also proves that there is a perfectly good reason I have my camera with me everywhere I go (yes, even at the dinner table). Because you just never know when someone will ask to publish my work... 

So, mom, how do you like your surprise?