Tosa West High School Senior Portraits | class of 2016 | Jacob

So we were just getting started with Jacob's senior portrait session when his mom mentions, almost as a side note, that this will be an easy session for me.

Now, see, a lot of moms say this to me - as they should! - because all moms KNOW their kid is the cutest of all the kids and has the best smile out of anyone in the entire world. Ironically, Jacob's mom experiences this in her own work (I imagine her rolling her eyes and giggling as she reads this). Kelly is a (pretty phenominal) preschool teacher. And she will surely tell you that it's a proven fact that 100% of preschoolers are in the top 1% of all the smartest children on the planet. (What? Mine were too! No judging whatsoever, it's a Mom Fact.)

So back to why Jacob's session was going to be so easy...


Turns out, this Jacob kid is a FORMER MODEL.

I would ask him to look in a certain direction and he did. With ease and comfort. I had him walk acoss the bridge and he really DID, slowly and thoughtfully. Kelly, you were SO right. This was an easy session for me. 

A little about Jacob... he is one with baseball and playing his guitar. So much, in fact, that he will be attending University of Wisconsin - La Crosse to play baseball. Something tells me he just might bring his guitar along with him to school in the fall. (Ya THINK??)

The funny thing about seeing these pictures now is that Jacob has since chopped his hair off. Should we do a re-shoot? ;) 

I'm excited to see what this talented boy will do with his college career - and beyond. We'll all be cheering for you! 

Good luck, Jacob! You'll do great, I'm sure of it.

5 Steps to Looking Cool & Comfortable in Your Senior Portraits

  1. BREATHE. Take some deep, calming breaths right before your session and  in between shots. 
  2. WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Is your favorite outfit a bright yellow sundress? Do you have a favorite pair of (ripped) jeans? Wear them. When you are comfortable in your clothes it shows on your face. 
  3. IGNORE EVERYTHING (but me). Focus on what we are doing... put on the tunnel vision and let the people and surroundings drop away. You'll feel the weight instantly come off your shoulders. 
  4. DON'T WORRY. As your photographer, my #1 job is to make sure you look your absolute best. If you are worried about how you're looking in the photos, DON'T. First of all, the worry shows in your face. Second, think about it: it does NO good for ANYONE if shoot and share unflattering photos of you. You won't like them and I won't get hired if I take unflattering photos of my clients. So just let go of that notion and RELAX. 
  5. HAVE FUN. Now that you are relaxed, comfortable, focused and unconcerned - enjoy yourself! After making sure you look awesome, my #2 job is making sure you have fun. I want you to truly enjoy the process of creating your amazing senior portraits.

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