Wauwatosa West HS class of 2019 | Brian Dunn

Truthfully, I don’t think I’ve ever had so much FUN at a senior session than I had with Brian. That’s not to say all the other sessions weren’t fun - oh, they were! It would take an AWFUL LOT for me to not have fun. But Brian? This was Top Shelf Fun.

Brian seemed to really get my jokes, he threw it right back at me, and his mom, Bridget, was laughing along with us. It truly felt like a party.

(I can totally hear Brian thinking, “Huh. Lamest party ever.”)

Well, no matter… we had a blast, we got Brian’s senior photos successfully shot and if nothing else, spent a beautiful fall day outside. Winner, winner.

The ultimate win is that Bridget loved his photos. (Brian liked them too, even if he won’t admit it out loud.) They are a reflection of her son as a bright young man approaching his future.

Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.
— Mark Twain

Huge congrats to you, Brian, as you graduate from Wauwatosa West High School!

2020 Seniors, you’re next! Like to laugh at corny jokes? I’m your girl! In all seriousness, I’m booking senior sessions now. Visit my senior page to learn more.