Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

I recently attended a photography workshop (in some circles that's known as "continuous ed"). I learned a LOT - and I'm SO excited to share the images I shot at the workshop.

But I stopped myself. 

WHY would any of my clients, potential clients, friends, family or non-industry types CARE about these photos? Sure they're pretty, but it's not like I'm going to explain the technical information and camera settings for each photo. Heck, most of the people I come in contact with don't even care what type of camera I shoot with (Canon, always Canon!).

So why would they be interested in these photos?

People sometimes hesitate when hiring a professional photographer. "Why PAY for photos when I have a perfectly good camera on my phone?" "Why SPEND the money on a photographer when my cousin can do it for free?"

While there are a million reasons why, today's explanation is simple. Why would you hire a teacher who is professionally trained and, year after year, continues her education? Because you can tell the difference between a TRAINED teacher and a novice... Just as you can tell the difference between a PROFESSIONAL photographer and a novice.

So, with that being said, here are those images...

The wall in this image was not blue, nor did we paint it. Except with LIGHT. ;)

Portrait of a woman with a blue wall

In fact, all these photos were taken in a dark, boring hotel hallway. Except the last one with the beautiful mama-to-be. For that shot we were outside and I STILL used flash... but you can't tell! (That's a good thing!)

So now imagine you're out with your friends. The scene catches your eye and you MUST take a photo of your friend sitting at the bar. This is most likely how it would turn out, right?

iPhone picture of man at bar

I shot that with my iPhone. You can't even see the poor guy's face!

Enter professional flash lighting and a photographer who is trained to use it...

Man at bar with dramatic lighting

Wait, WHAT? Let's see that again.

As if you weren't already sold on the benefits of investing in professional photography, here's one more... THIS was my actual vision for the photo of the guy at the bar...

Sad guy at a bar in black and white

Are you ready to make the leap? I'm here for you! Let's talk about what's important to you for your next portrait session. 

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