Class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Dee

It’s not lost on me that someone would actually travel across three states so that I could take her daughter’s senior photos. I’m so completely honored. And kinda floored if I’m being honest.

It means even more that this person is a friend who I love with all my heart. She was my Barnes + Noble Bestie and we were there for each other through fun times, hard times and a variety of pregnancies, too.

Her gorgeous daughters - who are SO SPECIAL - I’ve had the privilege of watching them grow up. Photographing them last weekend truly felt like an out-of-body experience. This can’t be THEM. They’re still supposed to be little girls with tiny pigtails and reading books about a moon saying goodnight.


Quick before they grow up, indeed.

Jen, if you can even see through your tears as you read this (I know you too well), I truly treasure you. You and Chris have sprouted some pretty amazing children. They’re quirky and smart and funny and serious and drop-dead-gorgeous.

I know you’ve been perched on the edge of your seat for this Sneak Peek. There is so much more to come… SO. MUCH. MORE.

Dee, you are one heck of a spectacular girl. Good luck in your senior year of preschool — aw, man, I mean HIGH SCHOOL. {sobbing now}


Wisconsinites, this was taken in the East Tosa North Avenue Murals District (I just named it that). It’s an amazing blast of color in what was already a fun and bustling area of town.

Do you have a senior in high school who wants their senior photos by the murals? Let’s do it! We could seriously spend hours there! It’s just amazing to see in person. Read more about senior portraits.


Check out this behind-the-scenes shot.

Yes, I was standing THATCLOSE to the light pole to get the final shot.

Behind the scenes photo courtesy of Jen Jackson, mom of the stunning Dee and Emily the talented Light Holder.