Local Business Spotlight | Angie Birk

Angie Birk

Advanced Disposal

Account Representative

Professional Business Headshot | Milwaukee Angie Birk

Who is your ideal client?
Any Commercial Business

What is something people THINK they know about your job? (but really....)
People think this is a simple job. You put the trash in the dumpster, and it goes away.

Name one thing you WISH people knew about your job?
There are many factors that play into the trash and recycling world. The laws for the landfill disposal of trash and guidelines for recycling must be followed.

Tell us a secret about your job. (I swear we won't tell anyone... except the entire world wide web.)
I had to ride around in a garbage truck for 2 days before starting my position!!

What is the ONE book that you think I should read RIGHT NOW?
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

WEBSITE:  www.advanceddisposal.com
PHONE:   414-423-7272
EMAIL:    angela.birk@advanceddisposal.com

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