Local Business Spotlight | Toni Mitt

Antonija Mitt

TBG Networks, LLC


Wauwatosa Business Spotlight | Toni Mitt

Who is your ideal client? 
A business owner with 15 or less computers and no one to call when they act badly.

What is something people THINK they know about your job? (but really....)
People think I am a computer whiz. I am not. My partners, the technicians, are the computer geniuses. I just keep them in line and make sure we have some cash flow....

Name one thing you WISH people knew about your job.
It's not very glamorous; I'm the one who makes the coffee and cleans up.

Tell us a secret about your job. (I swear we won't tell anyone... except the entire world wide web.)
I dress up to go to the office, though I really don't have to. We rarely have visitors.

What is the ONE book that you think I should read RIGHT NOW?
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Is there anything you'd like to add?   
We make computers behave!

WEBSITE:  www.tbgnetworks.com
PHONE:   414-921-5221
EMAIL:   toni@tbgnetworks.com

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