Local Business Spotlight | Brittany Voeks

Brittany Voeks

Advanced Disposal

Account Manager

MKE headshots | Local Spotlight Brittany Voeks

Who is your ideal client?
Anyone with trash!

What is something people THINK they know about your job? (but really....)
We're not all mafia! lol! Advanced Disposal is here to help keep our neighborhoods clean by offering recycling services for materials and managing our landfills to beat government standards. Our call centers are local and you get to talk to a neighbor when you call. We're driven to deliver!

Name one thing you WISH people knew about your job?
I'm not here to bother you! I'm here to find a solution for your rubbish problems. If you have stuff sticking out of your container, we can't take it without putting our driver at a greater risk of injury. Instead, give me a call, and we can find a better solution.

What is the ONE book that you think I should read RIGHT NOW?
I don't remember the last time I read a whole book. I'm more of a headline and quick article kind of reader.

PHONE:  262-971-1370
EMAIL:  brittany.voeks@advanceddisposal.com

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