Local Business Spotlight | Victoria Tapia

Victoria Tapia

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner


Who is your ideal client?
patients ages 0-21

What is something people THINK they know about your job? (but really....)
People often confuse Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Registered Nurses (RNs). While all NPs are RNs, not all RNs are NPs. NPs are not "glorified nurses" nor are NPs "better" than RNs. Rather, NPs provide patients with a set of skills that work in collaboration with other healthcare providers to meet national healthcare needs and provide quality care. When given the ability to legally work to the greatest scope of their practice, NPs can work independently of physicians to assess, diagnose, and manage patients. This includes the creation of individualized treatment plans, prescribing medication, and coordination with other healthcare professionals through referrals and consultation.

Name one thing you WISH people knew about your job?
NPs are not “wanna-be doctors” or "medical secretaries". We are an independent and unique specialty that provides patients with high quality healthcare. Our practice relies heavily on education and preventative medicine although we do diagnose and provide evidence-based treatment. We incorporate our knowledge of nursing into our practice, for example in the administration of medication or education on home medication management, which makes our approach more holistic. Although our education is different, NPs and physicians provide similar types of clinical services, and we work together rather than against each other to care for patients. 

Tell us a secret about your job.
No nurse practitioner or physician knows everything. This may not seem like a secret, but most patients expect their providers to have every answer to their medical problems. As this is impossible, some of the most important traits of a medical provider are compassion, curiosity, and a desire for continued learning. A compassionate provider hears the needs of the patient. With curiosity one strives to find a solution and more quickly recognizes abnormal symptoms. A desire to learn pushes a practitioner to improve their knowledge base. This is the provider I would want as a patient as well as the provider I aim to be. 

What is the ONE book that you think I should read RIGHT NOW?
1-2-3 Magic by Thomas Phelan

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I love being a pediatric nurse practitioner, and I chose this profession because I care about providing high-quality comprehensive healthcare to children to allow them the space to grow, develop, and achieve a sense of well-being. There will always be areas within healthcare system that fail to meet our patients’ needs or expectations, which means there is always room for improvement and innovation. This field is dynamic, growing, and in need of bright minds. I encourage people to support nurse practitioners and, in turn, the health of our nation. 

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