Marquette University HS Senior Portraits | Class of 2018 | Sneak Peek for Joe

Last week I posted on Instagram a pre-sneak peek from the back of my camera. In the caption I wrote about this boy - let's call him "Joe" - and how challenging he was to make laugh. 

I need to backtrack a bit.

See, the thing is, Joe (his real name, actually) is the nicest kid you'll meet. He's smart, athletic and soft-spoken. He has an amazing and bright smile.

But he just wouldn't laugh... even with his crazy mom literally doing a jig. The ha-ha was a no-go.

And before you ask, I did try a few of my LEGENDARY jokes on him. Nope. Not even a crack. Heck, I would have even been happy with an eye-roll. 

Before you get all down on the kid, I do need to tell you this: Joe did a GREAT job. He smiled on cue. He moved his arms, legs, face, nose whatever I asked, just how I asked it. He had a great selection of outfits and locations picked out. I even got the sense that - deep down, quite possibly when he's not in front of a camera - he has a great sense of humor.

So, Joe, here's your senior portrait Sneak Peek. If you know Joe you'll agree: this look is SO JOE. 


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