Portrait Photography | is it worth it?

Today I have a quick little story for you. My heart is a'bursting and I just HAD to share. <insert, like, a thousand heart emojis>

The other day one of my family portrait clients came to the studio for their Reveal + Selection Meeting.

little girl with big blue eyes leaning on brick wall

First, i showed them a custom created video featuring all their images. 

This sweet family of three watched their story unfold on the screen -- through tears and laughter. Once it was done, I could hear them collectively take a deep breath. Then they got up from the couch to GIVE ME A HUG. 

three year old quiet with head on hands

Later, after their selections had been made and their order was complete, they paused to ask me a question.

Gesturing his hand around the room to his family, to my laptop and to the big screen TV with his loved ones' smiling faces looking back at us, "So... was this worth it for you?"

In retrospect, I feel a little bad because I actually laughed at him. 

big sister kissing little brother on forehead

Looking at him straight in the eyes, I told the truth.

"The fact that you stood up after seeing your photos and HUGGED ME tells me that you clearly love your portraits. THAT ALONE made it worth it to me."

man and woman with eyes closed embracing bw

YES! It's totally worth it to me. I love what I do - this "job" of making people happy.

Seeing someone smile back at their image, finally admitting she is beautiful, finally agreeing that he is handsome, saying out loud that they love their family finally all together in a photo.... THIS is why I do what I do. 

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