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Brookfield Central HS Class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Chloe


Brookfield Central High School has one of the earliest yearbook deadlines around. Yet, Chloe got in for a full portrait session thanks to her on-top-of-things Dad. I’m so glad they found me because I really enjoyed all of their company! Mom, Dad, Chloe… they are good people.

What I really loved is that after the session, we were walking back to our cars and Chloe told me that she actually ENJOYED having her photo taken. She didn’t think she would, but she did.

That, my girl, is the biggest compliment you could possibly pay me. Thank you.

Here’s your (adorable!) Sneak Peek. I love how your hair brilliantly POPS out of this monochromatic-toned portrait. Gorgeous!


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Extended Family Reunion | Sibling Sneak Peek

When you think of an extended family portrait session - or a photo shoot for a family reunion - do you think it’s just a matter of getting “that one shot” of the whole big group?

Sure, it is. That’s the highlight of the event, no question.

However, my job is to give you much more than just “that one shot”.

Here’s a list of some of the must-gets at an extended family session:

  1. Entire family

  2. Grandparents

  3. Grandparents with grandchildren

  4. Grandparents with grown children

  5. Grown siblings

  6. Grown siblings and spouses

  7. Cousins

  8. Each family unit

  9. Couples

  10. Children by themselves

There are so many more — and my role is to suggest combinations that you may not have considered. The day can get away from you; concerns about clothes, kids behaving and grandma getting tired keep your mind busy. Leave the photography and shot list to me.

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This weekend I photographed the stunning extended Kandula family … reunited for the first time in years.

As a surprising bonus, the family dog escaped the house and ran into the garden at a serendipitous moment. It made for THE perfect sibling portrait! Can you say canvas over the mantle?


Brookfield East Class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Charlie

When you are preparing your outfits for your senior portrait sessions, don’t forget the little details.

Do you have a lucky ring? Wear it! Won’t it be nice reminisce about the things that were special to you?

Do you have a favorite concert t-shirt? Put it on! Imagine looking back on your photos and exclaiming, “I liked WHO?!?”

What about a fun pair of quirky socks? Sure, you may not see them much but a. they make you happy and b. you never know if your photographer will sneak a shot like this one…


Allow me to introduce Charlie. He’s heading into his senior year at Brookfield East High School. He’s going to fly through the year, I can tell you that. Now, even better since he won’t be tripping on his shoe laces. ;)

I hope you like your Sneak Peek!

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Class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Lucas

I had an ACTUAL PRINCE in my studio last week!!!

No, not Prince Harry.

Not the Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

Nope, not even Prince Charming.

PRINCE ERIC came to me for his senior photos. Can you believe it? Ariel’s One True Love picked ME!

(Okay, well, I suppose he just played Prince Eric on stage.)

This is Lucas. A funny, charming and talented actor. A proud member of the Tosa West Class of 2020.


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Tonawanda Elementary learns photography | High Interest Day

Last week I spent the day back in elementary school.

No, I didn’t forget my A, B, C’s. I was teaching photography for high interest day. If you’re unfamiliar, High Interest Day is sorta-kinda like Career Day for little kids with some marshmallow rockets and relay races tossed in.

I showed the kids some neat tricks that made them ooh and aah. As grownups, you may not be overwhelmed with awe at seeing a BLUE kid, but let me tell you, they loved it!

First I shared what a simple reflector can do. They now know they don’t even need a real reflector - a white piece of paper can do the trick!

Next I showed the kids how to turn that reflector into a portable, non-electric fan. A little bit of fake breeze can really liven up a portrait. Check out the before and after:

All the girls with long hair wanted in on this. They felt (and looked!) like models.

This next trick one was their collective favorites. It’s truly every kid’s dream to look like a Smurf, isn’t it? I asked them two questions:

1. what is your favorite color?

2. what does that color make you feel?

Here are some of the results…

Lastly, since I was on a roll with the Wow Factor, I showed them how I can make a fully lit room look pitch black. Sure they were impressed. However, once I saw these shots appear on the screen, I knew what I had done. These are two of my favorite (non-Smurf) photos of the day.

These two photos were taken in a bright room, with lots of (gross) overhead fluorescent lights.

Thanks to Tonawanda Elementary School for inviting me in for the day. You guys were so much fun to hang out with!