Congratulations to Chloe | a class of 2018 graduate

Once in a while a portrait session comes together so quickly that I don't get a chance to get to know my clients beforehand as much as I'd like to. It happens; schedules align, the weather works and yearbook deadlines loom. So we just do it!

In those situations, I find that I can show up in one of two ways: either on the defense, not sure what to expect OR with an open mind, not sure what to expect. (If you know me at all, you know which one I choose.) The way I see it, whoever is meeting me is WAY more nervous than I am. After all, they are the ones being photographed!

On this day (with THE perfect weather, by the way), I was waiting for Chloe. I knew she was a senior at Kettle Moraine High School. 

high school senior with glasses leaning on a log

When we first met, she gave the impression that she was a little timid. I'll tell you what, first impressions are not always right. This girl is funny, smart and confident.

We basically walked around the park like two friends hanging out, except one of them kept putting a giant camera to her face and telling the other one to look cute.

girl behind yellow flowers in a park

My first job - especially when we are both going in blind - is to put my subject at ease. When they are ready, we start with easy, comfortable poses and simple shots - just to get "warmed up".

Then we venture out looking for new spots, new angles, new light.


Chloe, I had such a great time getting to know you! You exude a quiet confidence that will take you so, so far. (But not too far because your sweet parents will miss you terribly!)


Dear Class of 2018, congratulations! Now go tell your friends who are going to be seniors to get their senior portraits booked with Stories Framed Photography. CLICK HERE for more info. Thanks, bye.