February 2015

Espinosa Family Session | Putting Everyone in Their Place | Wauwatosa Family Photography

The Espinosa Family


Wauwatosa, WI

I'm finally getting to posting some sessions so you can see what I've been up to... er... what i was up to last year.  Either way, let's enjoy it. And I hear if you squint your eyes and put your fingers in your ears, you can pretend the weather in the pictures is also the weather that is outside your window... (it's worth a try, at least)

Allow me to introduce to you, if you don't already know them, the Espinosa family.

Stories Framed Photography | family on bridge at Hoyt Park | Wauwatosa

These are the nicest, most interesting people you will ever meet. Once you think you have them figured out, they pull another Fun Fact out of their hat.

For example, let's take these two. Logan and Ethan.

Stories Framed Photography | redheaded twins

Yes, they're twins. And they're redheads (just like they're gorgeous mama. Sorry, dad.)

But did you know.... when the boys were babies, Logan had his toenails painted so that the grownups in charge (parents, grandparents, doctors) could tell them apart. That way, Ethan didn't get fed twice in a row and Logan not at all. As a mom of non-twins, these little tricks are absolutely ingenious and fascinating to me. 

Here's another one.... in every single photograph they've ever taken together, Logan is on the Left.

Logan on the Left.

You got something on your face, there.

You got something on your face, there.

Logan on the Left. 


Um, hang on here. Logan NOT on the Left! 

Stories Framed Photography | how to photography twins

Twins caught out of order! It's anarchy. Or perhaps we can call these photographs RARE and COLLECTIBLE. That has a much nicer ring to it.

Thanks to this wonderful family for allowing me to capture all of them, kids and grownups alike,  at this stage.  Last August when we shot this session, they were getting ready for their last year as elementary students - the big boys on campus! Fifth graders! Now, as the school year is past the halfway point, middle school is in view. Oh, the world that awaits them! I can't wait to photograph them again and see how much they changed in one short year.

Until then, keep that Logan kid in his place, okay Ethan? 

Stories Framed Photography | family of four with twins | B&W

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Stop what you are doing and MAKE THE TIME.

I had a conversation last night that I have to share with you. I am PRETTY sure you will relate.

So this mom, we will call her Jane. She told me, ever so graciously, that when she and her husband get around to it, they will have me shoot their family portraits. She said, "it's just that we are so busy. And we don't make the time for scheduling pictures.

Stories Framed Photography | baby sister | baby and kid photography

Her comment set something off in my head. It's not that I was hurt or offended. It's that SHE'S RIGHT. We are all so extremely busy.  We cook, we clean (oh, right, no we don't), we fold laundry. We work, we workout. We drive the kids to and from school, activities and sports. We pretend to be in book groups, we go on an occasional date with our spouse. We help the kids clean their rooms (hmmm....), we help with homework, we assist with science projects. We live our lives as fully as 24 hours could possibly allow us.

Stories Framed Photography | family of four | family portrait

And then...

One day we look up, and the little kids we were cuddling at bedtime are now big kids who are shooing us away so they can read another chapter of The Hunger Games.  

Stories Framed Photography | middle school portrait | tween girl

Don't wait until they've lost all their baby teeth. Don't wait until they are taller than you. Don't blink or you'll miss all the little-ness of their youth. 

Stories Framed Photography | lost teeth | child portrait


Quick, before they grow up.

That's my line for a reason. Because they grow up. Quickly. Too quickly.

Stories Framed Photography | family of five | family portrait

No one has ever regretted taking family photos, but they have regretted NOT taking them at all. 

Make the time.

Stop all your busy-ness for just a second. Carve out one morning, one afternoon, just one small part of a day so I can help you capture your children as they are right now

Call me to reserve your family photo session. Email me to book a kids-only photo shoot. Whatever it is, as Nike likes to say, Just Do It. And as I like to say, Do It... Quick, Before They Grow Up.

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Stories Framed Photography | Testimonial | Senior Portraits

Here's one of my seniors from WAY back in 2013.

And here is what her mom had to say about Stories Framed Photography.

Stories Framed Photography | Senior Portraits | Hayley | Sandwich, IL

Did you know it's already time to start thinking about senior pictures? That's right, the Class of 2015 isn't even out the door yet and already those juniors - the Class of 2016 - are taking their spots at the head of the school. 

Book your senior session NOW! As an early booker, you have the opportunity to earn lots of freebies and fun stuff by referring your friends. So get in now and tell your friends.

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