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The Espinosa Family


Wauwatosa, WI

I'm finally getting to posting some sessions so you can see what I've been up to... er... what i was up to last year.  Either way, let's enjoy it. And I hear if you squint your eyes and put your fingers in your ears, you can pretend the weather in the pictures is also the weather that is outside your window... (it's worth a try, at least)

Allow me to introduce to you, if you don't already know them, the Espinosa family.

Stories Framed Photography | family on bridge at Hoyt Park | Wauwatosa

These are the nicest, most interesting people you will ever meet. Once you think you have them figured out, they pull another Fun Fact out of their hat.

For example, let's take these two. Logan and Ethan.

Stories Framed Photography | redheaded twins

Yes, they're twins. And they're redheads (just like they're gorgeous mama. Sorry, dad.)

But did you know.... when the boys were babies, Logan had his toenails painted so that the grownups in charge (parents, grandparents, doctors) could tell them apart. That way, Ethan didn't get fed twice in a row and Logan not at all. As a mom of non-twins, these little tricks are absolutely ingenious and fascinating to me. 

Here's another one.... in every single photograph they've ever taken together, Logan is on the Left.

Logan on the Left.

You got something on your face, there.

You got something on your face, there.

Logan on the Left. 


Um, hang on here. Logan NOT on the Left! 

Stories Framed Photography | how to photography twins

Twins caught out of order! It's anarchy. Or perhaps we can call these photographs RARE and COLLECTIBLE. That has a much nicer ring to it.

Thanks to this wonderful family for allowing me to capture all of them, kids and grownups alike,  at this stage.  Last August when we shot this session, they were getting ready for their last year as elementary students - the big boys on campus! Fifth graders! Now, as the school year is past the halfway point, middle school is in view. Oh, the world that awaits them! I can't wait to photograph them again and see how much they changed in one short year.

Until then, keep that Logan kid in his place, okay Ethan? 

Stories Framed Photography | family of four with twins | B&W

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