Stop what you are doing and MAKE THE TIME.

I had a conversation last night that I have to share with you. I am PRETTY sure you will relate.

So this mom, we will call her Jane. She told me, ever so graciously, that when she and her husband get around to it, they will have me shoot their family portraits. She said, "it's just that we are so busy. And we don't make the time for scheduling pictures.

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Her comment set something off in my head. It's not that I was hurt or offended. It's that SHE'S RIGHT. We are all so extremely busy.  We cook, we clean (oh, right, no we don't), we fold laundry. We work, we workout. We drive the kids to and from school, activities and sports. We pretend to be in book groups, we go on an occasional date with our spouse. We help the kids clean their rooms (hmmm....), we help with homework, we assist with science projects. We live our lives as fully as 24 hours could possibly allow us.

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And then...

One day we look up, and the little kids we were cuddling at bedtime are now big kids who are shooing us away so they can read another chapter of The Hunger Games.  

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Don't wait until they've lost all their baby teeth. Don't wait until they are taller than you. Don't blink or you'll miss all the little-ness of their youth. 

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Quick, before they grow up.

That's my line for a reason. Because they grow up. Quickly. Too quickly.

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No one has ever regretted taking family photos, but they have regretted NOT taking them at all. 

Make the time.

Stop all your busy-ness for just a second. Carve out one morning, one afternoon, just one small part of a day so I can help you capture your children as they are right now

Call me to reserve your family photo session. Email me to book a kids-only photo shoot. Whatever it is, as Nike likes to say, Just Do It. And as I like to say, Do It... Quick, Before They Grow Up. | 262.366.7980 | or just click here to schedule your session