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Class of 2019 Senior Portait Sneak Peek | Sara

In one single day, I went from photographing a high school senior in an artsy, funky alley to using  a beautiful and carefully tended garden as a portrait background.

This is Sara... she was an absolute pleasure to work with and I truly cannot wait to share the rest of her senior photos with her. We had so much fun playing around and she was a really great sport. 


The thing I loved about Sara's wardrobe choice was her hat. Oh, that hat! Her outfit was super-cute on its own, but then, add in that black felt hat and it SINGS. 

When it comes time to pick your wardrobe for your senior portraits, let's have some fun! There are so many ways to do it... here are just a few ideas:

  • CLASSIC. Choose an outfit that won't go out of style, that is something clean and simple and timeless. Jeans and a t-shirt. A black dress. Shorts and a polo. Cut-offs and a tank.
  • TRENDY. On the other hand, let's commemorate the current styles and embrace the latest trends.
  • FORMAL. Why not play dress up? You only get to do your senior photos once! Get out that suit and tie. Put on your prom dress one more time. 
  • UNIFORM. Grab your band uniform, your cheer outfit, your football helmet. Show off your sport, your art, your passion.

Do you need some more help selecting your clothing? I can certainly guide you. Let's talk and get your session planned out! Fill this out and we can get the ball rolling right away.

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Nathan Hale HS | class of 2017 Sneak Peek of Ben

Ben is so busy taking care of the rest of the school's yearbook photos that he nearly forgot to get his own taken. Luckily his mom knows this really great photographer...

Ben is the Nathan Hale High School Yearbook Editor-in-Chief. He's a pretty big deal. Plus, he's my kind of guy -- I was on the yearbook committee in high school, too.... Oh, but if he had any idea how we put together the page layouts back then... man, times have changed.


Good luck to you, Ben! You have good things coming to you. Including making the print deadline. You got this!

Consider this the last call for senior portraits. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Yearbook deadlines are approaching and photos need to be shot, chosen and delivered SOON. Still need to get in? Click below.