Nathan Hale HS | class of 2017 Sneak Peek of Ben

Ben is so busy taking care of the rest of the school's yearbook photos that he nearly forgot to get his own taken. Luckily his mom knows this really great photographer...

Ben is the Nathan Hale High School Yearbook Editor-in-Chief. He's a pretty big deal. Plus, he's my kind of guy -- I was on the yearbook committee in high school, too.... Oh, but if he had any idea how we put together the page layouts back then... man, times have changed.


Good luck to you, Ben! You have good things coming to you. Including making the print deadline. You got this!

Consider this the last call for senior portraits. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Yearbook deadlines are approaching and photos need to be shot, chosen and delivered SOON. Still need to get in? Click below.