Nathan Hale HS senior portraits | class of 2017 | Ben

I have a few more graduating seniors to share with you and this charming guy is one of them.

Allow me to introduce you to Ben, proud 2017 graduate from Nathan Hale High School.


Ironic that he's rounding up my group of seniors since he's used to making sure everyone else is taken care of first.... As the editor of his high school's yearbook, one of his many jobs was to make sure all the seniors turned in their yearbook photos on time. 

And then, finally, he had his own photos taken. 

Luckily, we were surprised with an absolutely gorgeous fall day. Unseasonably warm and sunny, the leaves seemed to glow extra-golden for our shoot. (And Ben had a blast throwing them, too!)

Some interesting facts about Ben...

He loved Spanish class because his teacher taught him jokes.

His favorite class was Math because his teacher made sure everyone learned in the best way they could.

His ultimate dream is to run off to California and pursuit a degree in filmmaking. And  guess what? He's going to do just that! So, as you read this, make sure you remember this kid's name. Someday in the not-so distant future, he's going to be listed in the credits on the big screen.

Editor's Note (and by editor, I don't mean the yearbook editor!): this set of photos truly had me flummoxed. I love the colors, as I always do. But that black and white.... it is so classic! So I shared both.

I had the same problem with the next two photos. I LOVE them both!


This backyard swing is one of Ben's favorite places to sit and.... hang out. (sorry) 

Stupid jokes aside, after we set up in the backyard and he sat down on the swing, I noticed something and I just had to ask. 

Ben's entire demeanor seemed to relax, his face took on a look of deeper contentment and he seemed to almost... float. I asked him if this was his favorite spot. He looked at my curiously and told me yes. I knew it, I could tell. 


Congratulations, Ben, on your graduation! Good luck in your exciting future in film! 

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