New Berlin family photographer

Family Portraits Don't Have To Be So Serious

I love seeing all these big families together… it makes me so incredibly happy to know that they all cleared their schedules for one morning to have a portrait session. One small part of their day - for a lifetime of memories hanging on their wall.

Plus, I heard that the family I’m featuring below family got lunch out of the deal, too!

When we get together for your family portrait, I want to make sure that a few key things happen. They are pretty simple…

  1. I want to make you and your family look your best. This is why you hire a professional. I will arrange the group to look great and help pose you to flatter you the best.

  2. I want to photograph any and all combinations of family members. I’m here. So are you. So… let’s do this! Want the aunties with all the cousins? Great. Line em up! Want the siblings all together? Super! Quit pulling each others’ hair and smile for the camera (I have actually had to say that to ADULTS!) Do you want individual photos of your kids? Good, I already got them.

  3. I want you to have fun. You’re “supposed” to smile in photos, so why not enjoy the process, too? Why not make that smile as genuine as possible? Surely you didn’t choose me as your Favorite Boring Photographer - let’s have some fun!

Speaking of fun, this family had no shortage of laughs. I wanted to post a Sneak Peek for the Wilde clan and rather than a perfectly finished portrait, I’m sharing this. I think you can see why.

Extended family photo of cousins laughing

Are you ready to take the leap? Gather your family members together, pick a date and call me… consider family photos handled.

Sneak Peek | Milwaukee couple + their BFF

Have you ever wondered what a "Power Couple" would actually look like? Well, here's your answer! 

Meet Dan and Amanda. They are quite the pair, each entrepreneurs in their own right. In fact, I would even go as far as calling them Mr. and Mrs. Milwaukee. EVERYONE seems to know them. What? You don't??? Turn to the person next to you. Do they know Dan and Amanda. See? I told you. 

Dan is THE Tall Guy of Tall Guy and a Grill and Amanda runs The Simple Home. I was completely honored when they asked me to photograph them. 

Today I'm sharing one (adorable!) shot as a little Sneak Peek into their session.

Enjoy Sneak Peek, guys! And make sure you tell Murphy that the lady with all the treats says hi. :)


Is it time to update your family photos? Let's talk! I have some openings left for July but I'm also booking into August (and beyond). Let's get something scheduled today!

New Berlin Child Photographer | Birthday Club Sneak Peek

It was Oliver's second birthday! Hooray!

Oliver wasn't having it. That's ok. The back of his head is ADORABLE. 

Oliver wasn't having it. That's ok. The back of his head is ADORABLE. 

Oliver's mom signed him up for Stories Framed Photography's Birthday Club. 


Because at two years old, Ollie's a little too young to sign himself up. 

(^^I am so, so sorry. It's Monday.)


So... if you aren't familiar with the Birthday Club, it's a brand new EXCLUSIVE benefit for my portrait clients. How does it work?

Once you've had your portrait session, you will get an invitation to sign up any and all of your kiddos for the Birthday Club. Then, the month of their birthdays you will receive the official invitation to come in to the studio for their mini session.


It's fun, super easy and makes for a great birthday tradition. (Plus a shoe-in for a gift for grandma!)

If you are a past client and want more information about the SFP Birthday Club, fill out this form:

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If you are not yet a client of Stories Framed Photography, what are you waiting for? 

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The birthday sessions are quick mini shoots so we can catch those kids... quick, before they grow up. Because... look at that face! 


CLICK HERE for more information on portrait sessions, the birthday club or to send me a nice note for no reason at all.

Happy birthday, Ollie!


New Berlin, WI | Fall Family Portrait Preview

Sneak Peek Alert!

Four energetic boys. Two hopeful parents. One photographer. Who will win? 

You tell me... 

New Berlin Family Photography Sneak Peek

It's not perfect but it's THEM. But it's four brothers under the age of eight. All in a single frame. All smiling. In the direction of the camera. With their eyes open.

I'll consider that a win.

Sneak Peek Alert! Beautiful Fall Family Mini Sessions

Have I ever mentioned that my darling husband and I got married INDOORS? Aside from seasonal allergies and the massive amounts of heat we could experience in August, we REALLY didn't want to stress out about the weather. 

And it's a good thing - the day of our wedding, there were MASSIVE storms flooding streets, downing power lines and even forcing some of our guests to miss our wedding to make sure their homes didn't flood. Plus! Ironic twist! There was also a hurricane headed directly toward our honeymoon destination. (It missed.) 

Indoors. That's THE place to be. (Said the city Girl.)

Why do I bring this up? Because I'm a basket case when it comes to planning outdoor events. And this year, because I apparently like to live on the edge, I decided to schedule OUTDOOR Mini Sessions. An entire day filled with beautiful autumnal backgrounds, cute kids, handsome parents... all we needed was the perfect fall weather. That's not asking much, is it, Mother Nature?

Guess what?

The rain ended early. The clouds parted. Fall shined down on us and we made some beautiful portraits. I now pronounce you... photographed. 

{wipes brow}

Did you miss this year's Mini Sessions? There's still time for you to get updated family photos, holiday cards, gifts and more.