New Berlin Child Photographer | Birthday Club Sneak Peek

It was Oliver's second birthday! Hooray!

Oliver wasn't having it. That's ok. The back of his head is ADORABLE. 

Oliver wasn't having it. That's ok. The back of his head is ADORABLE. 

Oliver's mom signed him up for Stories Framed Photography's Birthday Club. 


Because at two years old, Ollie's a little too young to sign himself up. 

(^^I am so, so sorry. It's Monday.)


So... if you aren't familiar with the Birthday Club, it's a brand new EXCLUSIVE benefit for my portrait clients. How does it work?

Once you've had your portrait session, you will get an invitation to sign up any and all of your kiddos for the Birthday Club. Then, the month of their birthdays you will receive the official invitation to come in to the studio for their mini session.


It's fun, super easy and makes for a great birthday tradition. (Plus a shoe-in for a gift for grandma!)

If you are a past client and want more information about the SFP Birthday Club, fill out this form:

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If you are not yet a client of Stories Framed Photography, what are you waiting for? 

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The birthday sessions are quick mini shoots so we can catch those kids... quick, before they grow up. Because... look at that face! 


CLICK HERE for more information on portrait sessions, the birthday club or to send me a nice note for no reason at all.

Happy birthday, Ollie!