September 2016

Wauwatosa East High School | class of 2017 | Emma's sneak peek

Here we go... one more quick sneak peek of a class of 2017 senior session.

I have to say this about Emma. She SMILES. Like, ALL the time. I love getting some more serious looks from these kids but that just was NOT going to happen. Emma smiles.

And I loved it.

Here's your Sneak Peek, sweet Emma. Hope you like it!

Tosa East HS class of 2017 senior smile Emma

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Aurora Central Catholic class of 2017 | a special sneak peek for my niece

We had discussed arranging a time for Emily's senior pictures. In passing and very last minute (Friday, I think), I asked if Labor Day weekend would work since we would be visiting Nana and Papa.

Between work and school, Emily messaged me back Saturday morning saying YES, let's do it! 

I turned to Pat, my hubs (whose birthday is today! woohoo!), and said, "Um, turn the car around. I need to get my camera." 

Luckily, we had driven only about a quarter of a mile. But that was some impeccable timing!

Flash forward to Sunday morning, we went out to the beautiful Silver Springs State Park in Yorkville, Illinois and made some magic. Here's just one little sneak peek at her session. 

Senior! Pictures! Someone make these kids stop growing up. #sniff

Aurora Central Catholic HS senior sneak peek

Are you a member of the class of 2017 with no senior pictures? Oh, no! So sad! Well, go check your yearbook deadline... it may be sooner than you think. (insert momentary panic) No worries, click below to get started... 

Wauwatosa Photographer Takes on Food | 10 days in Tosa

We interrupt this steady stream of families and high school seniors -- for a snack!

I spent the last few months visiting some of the 10 Days in Tosa participants to photograph their food. Their really delicious-looking, temptation-inducing, mouth-watering FOOD.

Watch this and see if you're not drooling, too...

As your average visitor of restaurants, going out for a night on the town or a family dinner, I would meet the usual lineup of staff: the host or hostess, waitstaff, bussers, and MAYBE the manager. But as a photographer visiting a restaurant during off-peak hours, I had the opportunity to peek behind the curtain, if you will. I met the marketing directors, managers, chefs, cooks and at one location, I met the Culinary Director for a group of eateries. 

The big thing I recognized with all of these individuals, no matter who I was working with that day, they took the upmost care with their specially handcrafted dishes. These meals were made with heart and soul and love and passion. It showed... both on the plate and in their eyes.

It was a beautiful thing to see, the relationship between the chef and the dish - it was like he wanted to hold onto his creation forever yet simultaneously share it with the entire world. Parting with your art can be difficult... I'd imagine more so when the recipient's only job is to destroy it by cutting and chewing and making it disappear. 

So the question remains - on this first day of 10 Days in Tosa, whose culinary creation will you dive into?

Announcing Fall Mini Sessions | Wauwatosa Family Photography

Summer vacation, check.

Back to school, check.

Halloween supplies in Target, check.

You know what's next, right? It starts with HOL and ends with IDAYS.

After polling an exclusive Stories Framed Photography audience, I've been convinced to move my annual Mini Sessions from November (and in the studio) to October - and outside with the beautiful autumn colors!

Wauwatosa Fall Family Mini Sessions

This is REALLY TRULY ONLY a once-a-year event. If you want to participate, please book your appointment quickly. First come first serve, spots are limited and your appointment is officially engraved with your name once your payment is received. 

Kettle Moraine HS | class of 2017 sneak peek | Nick

This is very belated. I promised Nick a sneak peek of his session and then Labor Day weekend happened. I never realized quite how important the holiday actually was. I celebrated - clearly! -  by not laboring.*

No matter. Here is the charming senior from Kettle Moraine High School...Nick!


The tree he is leaning against is actually a very significant tree. Nay, nay, it's not your average, regular tree. It's the largest tree of its type** in the state of Wisconsin. Or the world. I can't quite remember which one it was that he said.

*It was bothering me that I didn't really know why we celebrate Labor Day. From the U.S. Department of Labor website: 

"Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country."

It was passed as a bill by Congress in 1894. So there. Now you know.

**Yet another example of my ignorance about things found in nature and gardens. I have no idea what kind of tree that is. But she's a giant beauty!

Need some light entertainment while having your senior pictures taken? I would be glad to offer my services. I guarantee you will love your photos. The jokes you hear? Eh.