Aurora Central Catholic class of 2017 | a special sneak peek for my niece

We had discussed arranging a time for Emily's senior pictures. In passing and very last minute (Friday, I think), I asked if Labor Day weekend would work since we would be visiting Nana and Papa.

Between work and school, Emily messaged me back Saturday morning saying YES, let's do it! 

I turned to Pat, my hubs (whose birthday is today! woohoo!), and said, "Um, turn the car around. I need to get my camera." 

Luckily, we had driven only about a quarter of a mile. But that was some impeccable timing!

Flash forward to Sunday morning, we went out to the beautiful Silver Springs State Park in Yorkville, Illinois and made some magic. Here's just one little sneak peek at her session. 

Senior! Pictures! Someone make these kids stop growing up. #sniff

Aurora Central Catholic HS senior sneak peek

Are you a member of the class of 2017 with no senior pictures? Oh, no! So sad! Well, go check your yearbook deadline... it may be sooner than you think. (insert momentary panic) No worries, click below to get started...