Wauwatosa Photographer Takes on Food | 10 days in Tosa

We interrupt this steady stream of families and high school seniors -- for a snack!

I spent the last few months visiting some of the 10 Days in Tosa participants to photograph their food. Their really delicious-looking, temptation-inducing, mouth-watering FOOD.

Watch this and see if you're not drooling, too...

As your average visitor of restaurants, going out for a night on the town or a family dinner, I would meet the usual lineup of staff: the host or hostess, waitstaff, bussers, and MAYBE the manager. But as a photographer visiting a restaurant during off-peak hours, I had the opportunity to peek behind the curtain, if you will. I met the marketing directors, managers, chefs, cooks and at one location, I met the Culinary Director for a group of eateries. 

The big thing I recognized with all of these individuals, no matter who I was working with that day, they took the upmost care with their specially handcrafted dishes. These meals were made with heart and soul and love and passion. It showed... both on the plate and in their eyes.

It was a beautiful thing to see, the relationship between the chef and the dish - it was like he wanted to hold onto his creation forever yet simultaneously share it with the entire world. Parting with your art can be difficult... I'd imagine more so when the recipient's only job is to destroy it by cutting and chewing and making it disappear. 

So the question remains - on this first day of 10 Days in Tosa, whose culinary creation will you dive into?