Wauwatosa Family Photography | Gully family in the snow

I'm starting to believe I actually might have special powers. I mean, I was totally joking before, but now? I may be on to something.... 

Last week I posted this picturesque snow picture. Immediately I received a call from a sweet mom who was SO excited because she wanted snow pictures just like the ones I shared. Like any good people-pleaser, I told her I would get right on it. 

And then it snowed.

Thank you, Dude Upstairs. I owe ya one. 


While Ainsley and her sunglasses are stinking ADORABLE in this action shot, I saved the best for later... oh, just you wait!

Are you looking forward to 2017 and thinking you would like photos out in the snow? Let's talk! Would you like photos inside where there is no snow? I can make that happen, too! Click the button below and magically I will appear on your desktop like a little genie. No, not really. I'm working on that for next year's talent.

Wauwatosa Edition of Vanity Fair Magazine | the Keenan sisters

These three sisters are so easy going, laid-back and, I think this goes without saying, drop-dead gorgeous. I am in love with their session and can't wait to show Mama Keenan. (I may sound like I'm repeating myself since I say that every single year. Too bad. It's true.)

This shot? It ended up looking like it should be on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine.

I'm at a loss for words...

Keenan Sisters Sneak Peek Portrait

I think what I want to say is, "omg." or perhaps, "get these girls an agent."

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Published! Passover book on shelves now

Dear Mom,

I have a big surprise for you! 

I've been holding onto a secret. Someone called me last fall, we talked, things happened and now... NOW I can finally tell you all about it.

It's so exciting! (jumping up and down)

So... One of my photographs has been published in a book! About PASSOVER! And you're in it! Okay, well, it's your shoulder and your ear, but that still counts. Ohmigosh I'm freaking out a little!

Last week of amazing mail, this was the second piece of mail to arrive in my mailbox containing my photos. In case you missed it, the first was the big Map and Event Schedule for Wauwatosa. Read about it here. Two publications in two days. That's a great roll to be on!

SFP Passover book cover

This is the book - Passover: Festival of Freedom. It's a beautiful and well written book. It is part history, part culture, part modern-day tradition. It's definitely, shall we say, a meatier book than your typical holiday text. 

It can be purchased online HERE or at your favorite local bookseller. Oh, and mom, I don't get any royalties from this book so you don't have to run out and buy every copy on the shelf. (I'll tell you when you should buy every copy... trust me, you'll know.)

Here is the book opened up to THE page... (chapter three, page 38)

SFP Published open book

See what I mean? MEAT. Substance. Story. And look at that there purdy picture! (LEFT side) Look who it is... you! And Sam. When Sam had long hair. And went by "Sammie". And actually sat at the table with us. (Now she's WAY too cool for us. Sniff.)

SFP Published Passover book closeup

See that caption? That's ME. My name. My company. It's all a little surreal, truth be told. And this one is especially personal because it's my FAMILY. Not an event, not a client. My. Family.

And it also proves that there is a perfectly good reason I have my camera with me everywhere I go (yes, even at the dinner table). Because you just never know when someone will ask to publish my work... 

So, mom, how do you like your surprise? 



Stories Framed Photography's Photo Holiday Gift Guide Day #8

We're getting closer. Do you have your shopping done? Er. Do you have your shopping STARTED? Oh boy. Well, make sure you check out the rest of my gift ideas and then call me. Like, right away. I will help you not be in the doghouse this holiday season.

Speaking of holidays, today's gift idea is a rather festive one.

Now that you have beautiful family portraits from this year, you should have it on your Christmas tree every year. One day (too soon) when you're hanging the ornaments for the season, you'll see this ornament and exclaim, "look how little they were!"

Quick, before they grow up.

Metal ornaments with your little ones' pictures on the front will make the perfect gift for anyone... who knows and loves your kids. Even yourself!

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Stories Framed Photography's Holiday Photo Gift Guide Day #7

Today's gift idea is one that every mom would love to have. Every tween would squeal over this. And  every grandma would cry tears of joy.

And this is an EXCLUSIVE item that is not normally on my product list.

SFP Holiday Photo Gift Guide day 7 iphone cases

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Choose from a slimline matte case or a gloss case with extra, built-in protection. Both come in black or white.

Choose from a slimline matte case or a gloss case with extra, built-in protection. Both come in black or white.

Another option is the fabric wallet case. Comes in black only with magnetic closure.

Another option is the fabric wallet case. Comes in black only with magnetic closure.

Contact me right away to order your custom photo iPhone case.