Tosa East HS Senior Portraits | class of 2017 | Sydney

Tomorrow is the B-I-G day at Wauwatosa East High School and this girl is SO ready.


World, meet the lovely Sydney, proud graduate of the class of 2017. Sydney, meet the world.

At the beginning of her session she admitted to being a little nervous. By the time I took the first test shot, she was already laughing and having fun. She may have been anxious for her photo shoot but it sure didn't show! This girl was on fire.

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Something random about Sydney... she told me her favorite teacher was Mrs. Carus from 5th grade. As a former teacher, I would be so honored if someone actually liked me. And to name me a favorite teacher? Wow. So Mrs. Carus if you're out there, way to go!

What else? Sydney has been to Disney World, New York and Hollywood with her dance team. Her favorite color is blue. Aaaand....

...She will be going to University of Wisconsin at La Crosse in the fall! 

Well. That is if I let her go. (Right mom?!?)


Congratulations Sydney! Go get em at La Cross! You'll do great!

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