Wauwatosa Family Photographer | Sisterhood of the Traveling O'Leary

As a family photographer, I meet a lot of people. I'm invited into a family's collection of personalities to observe, take note and record. As an outsider with one eye behind the lens, I see things that might not be so obvious to the casual observer. 

Which child got mom's eyes.
Which sibling is in charge (that may be different than "which one is the oldest").
Which family member is the comedian.
Which family member is most admired.

I told you - I can see things!

With the O'Leary family, I saw something so bold, so strong and so incredibly fierce. I have never seen so much of this in any other family I've photographed. (For real.)

I witnessed LOVE.

I saw so much love with this strong, brave and independent clan of women. It felt more like a sisterhood. It made photographing them almost too easy. (It didn't hurt that they are a beautiful bunch!)


See what I mean? Gorgeous, beautiful LOVE.

This family also loves to travel. Getting them all together at one time is like finding the finish line in a cornfield maze. When it happens, it feels so good. In fact, I keep telling Mama Kathleen that I'm totally open to accompanying them on their worldly travels as their personal photographer... for some reason she doesn't think I'm serious. ;)

I'm going to shut up now and let their amazing portraits do the talking. Enjoy. 


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