congratulations to dominic | tosa east hs class of 2018

We have only THREE days left of school! 

Well, let me clarify... the UNDERCLASSMEN have three days left. The Wauwatosa East High School class of 2018 graduated on Sunday so... THEY. ARE. OUT. OF. HERE!!!!!!

Before he runs off for the summer, allow me to introduce Dominic, proud graduate just two days into his big, giant future.

in studio senior portrait of a boy in a chair with grey shirt

Are you mulling over location options for your senior photos? Dominic and his sweet mom and I met out at a local park and then afterward, when it got dark, we headed back to my studio for some indoor shots.

See if you can count all the locations we went to... 

I'm up to three....


As a side note, Dominic was super easy to work with. He's a laid-back kid and, like most of us, cannot be judged by his cover. He's such an interesting kid and I can't wait to see what he does in the future!

Congratulations Dominic on your graduation! 

P.S. If you were counting, we used SEVEN locations. Or did we?.... A magician never tells his secrets. (wink wink)

CLASS OF 2019 - You're up! Let's talk about where (and when) you want to get your senior portraits done. I'm here for you!