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3rd Annual Thanksgiving Gratitude Featured Post | Klug Kids

Here's another (SUPER SWEET) post from a (SUPER SWEET) portrait client. This family is so wonderful, it's no surprise that these girls are such good kids. 

July 2016

July 2016

Gemma and Gabby-

Words cannot express how grateful I am to be your mom. It has been an amazing journey so far watching you grow into yourselves and explore different avenues in life.

Gemma, you are the most creative kid I have ever met and you have already (at age 6) surpassed me in artistic/creative abilities and you impress me on a daily basis with your understanding of how things work. You can and DO turn anything and everything into art or a functional tool. The things you create bring such laughter and joy into the world. I am excited and a lot of bit terrified to see what you come up with when you figure out how to use power tools.

Gabby, you will always be the baby in this family, but you have blossomed into quite the social butterfly. You have the sweetest little giggle and smile that ask, “Will you please play with me?” I love watching you interact with other kids and seeing you (mostly) being so welcoming and accepting of everyone.

I can’t imagine my world without this happy mix of your two very different personalities and I will be forever grateful for this time I get with you! I can’t wait to see what you little ladies come up with next!



Hubertus Maternity Portraits Sneak Peek

When I say this was a "last minute" maternity session, I mean it in more than one way.

Yes, the couple called me in a frantic panic to schedule their maternity photos. Their original photographer fell ill and had to cancel. 

BUT. They LITERALLY couldn't wait another week. They couldn't risk it.... they were quickly approaching the time when you would call the photo shoot a "newborn" session. Eeeek!!!!

Allow me to introduce the beautiful mom-to-be, Danying. She is absolutely stunning. And nine months pregnant. Amazing!

Maternity Portrait Sneak Peek

Good luck to you! I can't wait to meet your little one!

You don't have to wait until the last minute to schedule your portraits. Contact me today - I am now accepting appointments for (gulp!) 2017.

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Southeast Wisconsin Family Photography | a Sneak Peek full of love

Oh, we had a beautiful fall day in Wisconsin! 

And apparently every other photographer in the surrounding four counties agreed.... this park was PACKED! Everyone and their sister (and cousins and aunts and grandmothers and dogs...) were having photoshoots. 

Luckily, the Morack family hired ME and I don't want to be in the middle of the action. We found ourselves a beautiful and quiet corner of the park. All to ourselves!

Let the magic begin!

Looking at this image, can't you just FEEL the love? These parents are definitely doting on that adorable little girl, no question.

Morack Family in Kenosha Sneak Peek

I can't wait to share the rest - wait till you see their two (really well-behaved!) dogs. Woof!

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Milwaukee Family Photography | Huber Sneak Peek

Sometimes you meet some people and all you want to do is gush about how darn NICE they all are. 

THIS is one of those times. Every last one of this family was kind, helpful, friendly and simply enjoyable to be around. 

As if to punctuate my point about how WONDERFUL these people are, this Sneak Peek just happens to be the very first frame of the session. 

Perfect, right?


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Sneak Peek Alert! Beautiful Fall Family Mini Sessions

Have I ever mentioned that my darling husband and I got married INDOORS? Aside from seasonal allergies and the massive amounts of heat we could experience in August, we REALLY didn't want to stress out about the weather. 

And it's a good thing - the day of our wedding, there were MASSIVE storms flooding streets, downing power lines and even forcing some of our guests to miss our wedding to make sure their homes didn't flood. Plus! Ironic twist! There was also a hurricane headed directly toward our honeymoon destination. (It missed.) 

Indoors. That's THE place to be. (Said the city Girl.)

Why do I bring this up? Because I'm a basket case when it comes to planning outdoor events. And this year, because I apparently like to live on the edge, I decided to schedule OUTDOOR Mini Sessions. An entire day filled with beautiful autumnal backgrounds, cute kids, handsome parents... all we needed was the perfect fall weather. That's not asking much, is it, Mother Nature?

Guess what?

The rain ended early. The clouds parted. Fall shined down on us and we made some beautiful portraits. I now pronounce you... photographed. 

{wipes brow}

Did you miss this year's Mini Sessions? There's still time for you to get updated family photos, holiday cards, gifts and more.